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Muganda Nyongesa

Luanda, Kenya

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Muganda Nyongesa

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August 2014

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About Me

I was born on 22nd May, 1989 and named Muganda Nyongesa Edward. I am the first born and hence much is expected from me as the role model to my two brothers and one sister. I attended Maseno Mixed Primary School, Emusire High School and Ebusakami High School respectively. Currently I am pursuing an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Information Technology (Human Resource option) at Maseno University on a parallel basis. I am engaged to Caroline Alimu and blessed with one son Teddy Ryan Muganda now two years old.
I am an innovative, assiduous, industrious Kenyan, well organized and highly motivated towards achieving my goals. My hobbies include learning and sharing new ideas, constructive debating, reading business journals and watching soccer.
I currently reside at Ebusakami Junction, along Kisumu Busia highway road and a junction to Kakamega town.
Being a student had to find a way to sustain my financial needs and since I couldn’t find a job the only way out was to find an appropriate business to venture into. I started out by selling second hand clothes (mtumba) on a mobile basis. This was funded by some little earnings got from working on a casual basis at International Centre for Research and Agroforestry during my long holidays. I would buy the clothes from Luanda market and later on sale them to my fellow comrades students at Maseno University. From this was able cover up my bills such as house rent, electricity bill, food and assist my parents in funding for my school fees.

My Business

LOCATION: Ebusakami Junction to Kakamega, along Kisumu Busia highway road and about ½ km from Luanda Town.
The business has been operational since late 2011 up to now. The customer environment comprises of Schools, Churches, college students, surrounding community and individual using the Kisumu – Busia Highway.
The business offers variety of services ranging from sale of stationeries and computer accessories, m-pesa services, sale of sodas and computer services i.e. typesetting, printing, scanning, internet services and photocopy. Business earnings is used on stock update, repairs and replacement of any faulty machine parts and venturing into new business opportunities i.e. m-pesa agent services and soda sale.
Monopoly market within the location i.e. only one offering Computer services.
Very strong devoted customer followers who will always come for my services and products from Bridge ICT.
Good customer care. This has created a strong following for the services offered hence not only recruiting new customers but retaining them.
Strong designs and quality i.e. card designing, document presentation.
Outsourcing out for job opportunities from fellow college students i.e. photocopy of handouts for classes and research project typing, and printing.
Lack of internet services (cyber café) for self-browsing hence making other customers opts to go to Luanda.
Speed of the photocopy machine is slow in producing many copies.
Lack/Minimum operating float in M-pesa services as compared to the customers demand.
Stock inadequacy to satisfy the market i.e. Stationeries and computer accessories.
Reduce prices to increase market share on stationeries and computer accessories.
With strong customer base, Bridge ICT can easily venture into other avenues i.e. m-pesa agent and sale of sodas.
Technological development within the country hence the need to offer Computer packages training.
Offering new and enticing services i.e. Equity Bank Agent services.
Installation of a power back up.
Many people now embracing personal computers i.e. phones, laptops, printers and copiers at household level.
Provision of laptops to schools by the government.
Frequent power blackouts.
Based on my SWOT analysis of Bridge ICT, I have been investing in the business based on the Strengths and opportunities aspects of the analysis. One of its major challenges is financial stability that seems to be a major threat in running of its day to day activities. As the owner of Bridge ICT I want steady and growing annual returns on the investments.
Bridge ICT operational day and monthly income is as summarized below:

Overheads Usd. Per day Usd. Per month (25 days)
Computer services 9.22211 230.553
Stationeries 1.15276 28.8191
M-pesa 46.1106
Soda 3.45829 86.4573
TOTAL 13.8332 391.940
Bridge ICT operational day’s expenses accompanied by other monthly and yearly production overheads as summarized below.

Overheads Usd. Per month Usd. Per Year
Rent 34.5829 414.995
Electricity 17.2915 207.498
Wages (225×25 working days) 64.8430 778.116
Business license 51.8744
Music Copyright Society of Kenya 40.3468
Miscellaneous 28.8191 345.829
TOTAL 87.8983 1,838.66

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan funds you give me towards my business expansion for the following items;

1. 20 reams of photocopying papers for Kshs. 6000/=

2. 10 bottles of ink for Kshs. 3700/=

I will be grateful and happy for your contribution towards my loan funds.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.







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Classic Loan

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Dec 8, 2014

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6 weeks

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