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Maurice Oyaro

Kahawa, Kenya

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Maurice Oyaro

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June 2014

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About Me

I was born in a family of six and I’m the third born, I studied Information Technology . I do believe I’m a hardworking young man who is principled and always eager to succeed in my entire life and uplift my colleagues too. My nature of business revolves around computer services, repairs software installations and article writing ventures. I started business while I was still in college, I could use the knowledge and techniques gathered in class during the freelance repairs and computer maintenance and from that moment I have developed great passion in this field of Information and Technology. Over the past years I have been able to diversify my areas of specialty within this field. In order to remain updated with the current trends and innovations within this field. I have maintained regular training and attendance of seminars .In order to facilitate my work I have opened an office in kahawa Wendani whereby I do report during morning hours and live at 5 pm. This helps me in time management and executing of my tasks diligently. I also use the office in training new users in matters concerning online research whereby the users pay a certain amount within a given period of time. I will be glad if given the loan as I will use the money to buy more computers and expand additional furniture, as this will be used by new members.

My Business

My area of business involves computer services, I do offer my clients day to day services , the services involves consultations on buying of computer services especially, laptops, desktops and also computer repairs ,typesetting, photocopy,programming filing returns and many other computer and internet related services. Computer services demand has raised especially due to the changes in Information Technology hence majority of the individuals tend to use these services. I normally use my personal experience and the Knowledge that I gained from college to make sure my customer s get quality services. Computer related business is profitable especially when one is dedicated to the customers and providing good quality services, In this case most of my client’s tend to be returning customer and referrals due to quality services they get. I also do freelance writing during part time and I'm sure if granted this load I will be able to pay.

Loan Proposal

Dear leaders.
I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the generosity you extended by offering me the loans. I have to admit that the loan has enabled me to add one computer for online training. hence impacting the society at large. Currently I have increased the number of trainees and I would be glad if you grand me this loan. If granted the loan I will buy another computer so that I can can facilitate smooth and efficiency in online training of new member.






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Classic Loan

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Sep 6, 2014

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On Time

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6 weeks



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Sep 21, 2014


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