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I was born in Nairobi, Kenya in a family of eight. My father is a retired civil servant. The retirement forced my family to relocate to our rural home, where I joined Lwak primary school. The free primary education program had not started then and with my fathers' pension of 40 dollars per month and eight children to support I was in and out of school. I settled with myself that I had to excel in education for me to make it in life. I was crowned the best student In the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in my school .I Joined Moi Girls Eldoret Where I got sponsorship, then Masinde Muliro University, with the help from the government disbursements to needy students (HELB), I was able to finance my college education and graduated. Employment in Kenya was not forthcoming, thus I followed my passion for entrepreneurship. I would buy curtains from second hand market in Gikombaa and sell. I later got a contract from (IEBC) the election body in Kenya for the 2013 elections. I got 30 dollars which I saved to buy a motorbike and borrowed the rest from a cousin whom I repaid in installments. This is run by my orphaned nephew who remits 3 dollars every day, the excess he uses for his own needs. Motorbikes are widely used in rural Kenya, which are inaccessible due to poor roads, thus presenting an opportunity to invest. I would not like my children to experience the kind of life that I did. My first born would like to be a journalist when she grows up and I am determined to make her dreams valid.I purpose to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills and make their future better and brighter and make them financially independent, realizing their full potential through innovation and entrepreneurship hence solving problems. I wish this for women in general by initiating several groups (chama) for savings and investing.

My Business

I am currently involved in a health and beauty business. I need to buy a lap top to be able to reach professionals with my products and my business model.
The laptop will cost about 300 dollars.
The balance will be used to purchase a projector

Project Proposal

My desire is to buy Curtain Fabric and curtain accessories such as rings and tapes. This will enable me save on cost as well as increase my income





  • Sarai    Mar 13, 2023

    But I don’t understand if I helped buy a laptop for the health and beauty business or if I helped buy a curtain making machine… would that be a sewing machine?
    I’d appreciate clarification.

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  • Urszula    Oct 26, 2017

    Motivated and disciplined borrower. I would definitely support Brenda again.

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