Buy epson printer so ican do photoshots and bulk photocopies


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My names are jairo wainaina from kiambu county a small village called kwambira, Am a member of a family of five, i went to muguga high school, i did not further my education due to financial stability so i became idle and kept watching movies all day.
I began accompanying my mother to farm and for many years i could feel hopeless and disappointed about my life,
One day a project named " kazi kwa vijana"was aimed at clearing bushes and repairing roads offered me employnent, i managed to save money which i used to start a small movie shop.
My hobbies are watching, Lots of friends come to borrow movies at my home so i found the need to start the business,
I like dancing singing and playing guitar, Am also into interior decorations.

My Business

My business "jairo movie shop" is a small growing movie shop where i sell movies do photocopy sell phone accessories,design wedding cards and repair phones,printing services.
The business is fast growing, i need more capital so to invest more and double my profits.
My area is a small shopping center where lots of youths like to watch movies play station games and using the internet chatting or social media, this made me realize a demand in movies and phone accessories due to advanced technology,
my cousin who works as an attendant in the shop also repairs phones so a customer can purchase a spare and fix his phone in the same place,people take pictures passports and also photocopies,
I make a profit of 200 to 400$ a month and use it to pay rent pay my cousin salary buy food and add more accessories in stocking the shop.
With ideas from other business men and friends whom are older than me in business i have been able to to now divide the shop into two and subdivided a small section for play station games room due to customers demand.

After buying a printer and introduction of snacks i now make an average of 380usd and sometimes it gets to 450usd this is a profit a increase of almost 150 usd in my total income on a monthly record analysis.

Loan Proposal

When I get this loan,it will help me improve on my business ,ill buy a Epson printer at 200$ so to do photo shots bulk photocopies do more advertising at 20$ employ guys to hawk the movies which ill pay them commission after the sell and reach places where bad roads hinders customers from visiting the shop save 50$ as security in case of any disaster help my cousin finish is diploma course in electronics using the profit ill make after doubling my capital,i expect a double in profits from 200 to 400$ a month to 400 to 800 $ a month due to more source of income after expanding the business ,please help me raise this money and i will work extra hard to achieve my dreams of going to school and take a interior design course chase bigger markets and even pay my cousin a good salary.





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Jan 5, 2015

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Feb 23, 2015


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