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About Me

My name is Ubey Undie. I'm 34 years old and a mother of 1. I live in Calabar, Nigeria and I love baking. I love food and I'm passionate about cooking! I love the fact that I can take a food item that looks quite plain and turn it into something delicious for people to enjoy. I am a self-taught baker who is super talented at creating delicious and irresistible baked goods that people enjoy and commend when they taste them. I hope that one day I can go on to get proper training on becoming a pastry chef from a reputable culinary school here in Nigeria so that, I can then officially refer to myself as a Pastry Chef!

The demand for baked goods keeps rising as they are affordable and delicious. This has provided a means for me to earn a living and so, I have decided to put my skill to good use by starting a business selling pastries on the University Campus here in Calabar.

My Business

I recently started my pastry business where I bake the most delicious Meat Pies, Doughnuts, Banana Bread, Cake Loaves, Sausage rolls, and Sharwama as well as produce other treats such as Parfait and Greek yogurt for sale.

I hope to get assistance with funds to enable me to purchase more raw materials such as flour, butter, sugar, oil, chocolate, meat, chicken, eggs, and milk in bulk and rent a stall. I also hope to get help to purchase equipment such as an industrial oven, modern baking pans, stainless steel trays, a freezer, a microwave, an industrial mixer, industrial blender, stainless steel worktables, and a deep fryer that'll allow me to scale up my production as I am not able to adequately meet the demand for my baked goods using my tiny oven and hand mixer and other improvised tools.

Below is a link to my social media handle showcasing a few offerings:

Project Proposal

With the funds I will receive,I hope to buy a bag a quarter bag of flour to use use in my pastry making business. Buying in bulk allows me to run my business for a certain time before having to return to the market for another purchase. Thank you





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