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Lydiah Katenya

Chesikaki, Kenya

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Lydiah Katenya

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April 2014

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About Me

my name is lydia katenya. i was born and raised at chesikaki village, bungoma county. i went through primary school education , and later joined namwela secondary school where i completed and managed to score a mean grade of c plain. due to lack of school fees id id not go to college but later accompanied a friend to nairobi. there, she was able to introduce me to a beauty college tht was sponsoring students taking this course. i went through the course and completed it beginning of last year with a pass. i was later employed at a spa and worked for 6 months. mid last year, i decided to quit and start my own business. it has always been my dream, to manage my own place, look for my own clients and learn to be self dependent and grow as well. i started with only two services(manicure/pedicure), then beginning of this year, i have introduced body scrub and body massage which are all doing well as i get client refferals and also repeat clients. i use the money i earn to buy better products but most of it on advertising. during my free time, i like going to the cyber to google the latest products and new techniques being introduced in the market so as to improve on my services and give my clients the best service.

My Business

since things keep changing in this industry, i try to keep up with the change and in this case, i have to stock the latest and quality products, have better equipment and improve on advertising, which is greatest set back. with the money i get, i have been able to do very little but with some funding, i can go steps ahead. this is a good business, since all that clients look for is my service. i am very good at customer care, and this has made my clients always come back and even reffer their friends and colleagues to me hence, making my business grow. also, everyone likes to look good and take good care of their skin and health as a whole so they do weekly visits for these services which when i am funded, will able to repay in time and grow to requet for a bigger loan. i will be very glad if you consider me and will not disappoint you. thank you.

Loan Proposal

I would once again like to borrow a loan of 27,768ksh to buy latest products for my spa business. Products are changing by the day and in this business, I need to stock the latest products so as to compete with the growing market. Clients tend to go to spas where the new/latest products are , and to maintain my clientele, I need to buy these products. I will be able to buy more nail polishes, more bodyscrubs, more serums,wax and many other product of various varieties so as to be able to attend to all my clients effectively. I will be glad if offered the loan. Thank you!






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Classic Loan

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Jun 16, 2016

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3 months

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Service fee: $11.53



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Sep 25, 2016


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