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Addae Krom, Ghana

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January 2021

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19 installments  •  26%

About Me

I lost my husband in the early 90s when he left me with four children where 1 of them were also very sick in the room unable to walk in her own convenience
I tried farming but my strength wasn't moving so I started to buy on credit from farmers so that I can sell and pay them

My Business

Am into buying and selling so I've sold maize for more than ten years which has help me but due to lack of funds and Corona virus I couldn't work further . But now I've started new buying and selling from the farmers again so in needed this loan to buy from from them directly so that I can get profit

Loan Proposal

Was able to pay five farmers out of the eighth famers that I owe , I was able to transport my stored maize to the market and this time I need to buy additional 15 bags of maize and also money to transport them to the market

Income Source

I know that we are in the hard time finding it difficult to buy and sell but by the grace of God I have saved my income that I got from the previous loan and I will invest back when there is and hardship in default





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 28, 2021

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On Time

Projected term

1 week



Patrick Clavette

Hartford, Wisconsin, United States


Mike Cormack

Vancouver, Canada

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Feb 4, 2021


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Feb 5, 2021 $99.77 Feb 4, 2021 $99.77