To buy materials to build a structure for commercial layer hens

Leila Sarifu

Nairobi, Langata, Kenya

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Leila Sarifu

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April 2016

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Personal Story
I was born in Bungoma, Western Kenya. My parents then moved to Mombasa then Embu. I went to school in Western then went to Uganda for Secondary school then came back to Kenya for college education where I took a human resource management course. I am currently an entrepreneur dealing with African stuff, women handbags, poultry and Rabbit farming.

My Business

Business Description
I do African wear making dresses for children, ladies and men, handbags, shoes, seat covers, curtains, purses and African gifts like printing on rock. ( Chic Afrique Kenya on facebook). All the above are made in African material. Inspired by passion and driven by Masai dress, I started my business in 2014.

In 2017 i started ontrack Media Agency ( which is a Marketing and Advertising Agency . It was doing well till Corona hit !! i had to close my office , sales drop since almost all my clients were working from home and just didn't need printing services much. I had to think out of box since i also believe in diversity.

In 2018 , i started Keyla Zuri Stores (check out on facebook) named after my only 2 year old daughter so that am able to channel some savings into her account to plan her future. i still have a lot of stock but the market is really low

In April 2020, i began Poultry and Rabbit ,and onion farming ( Zurik Farm on Facebook) i sell both chicken, eggs and chicken manure . I also sell rabbit urine to other farmers, rabbit meat and rabbit manure. I sold almost all stock and bought 1 acre where i intend to settle with my daughter in the near future. Due to financial constrains i appeal for your help so that am able to increase my flock and feed them. Among all my business its Farming that is doing better the rest are a bit slow.

I have many pictures of all my business i request my lenders to visit the above facebook pages for more information and videos

Loan Proposal

Dear Lenders,

I appreciate the impact you have made in farming business and family income.

I here again appeal for your support to build a proper structure for my commercial layers chicks. I must confess that i bought commercial layers after you supported me expand my rabbit structure which allowed me increase the number of rabbits , that sold some to buy commercial layers chicks. I put them in the small structure that was available but now its become small because they are 2 months old. Will share pictures and videos soonest. Am requesting your support so that i build them a proper structure that will enable maximum production.

I would like to also mention that have gathered my daughter school fees from the business so can see much growth from your previous support.

Looking forward to your support

Many blessings





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Classic Loan

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Jul 29, 2021

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On Time

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4 months

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Service fee: $30.29



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