Stock of bolts, nuts, engine oil etc. for motorbike spare parts shop


Rumuruti,kenya, Kenya

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My names are Anne Muthoni Nganga,I was born in 1970 in Nakuru District, I am the 2nd born in our family of Three siblings .i have gone through primary school education and High School education respectively ,and later joined Eldoret Polytechnic where I studied Human Resource Management. As my father owned a bookshop in Rumuruti Town ,I would help him when I was in holidays and on weekends ,where I become interested in owning my own business. After completing and graduating I joined my father in his Bookshop and after 2 years working with him I decided to startup a spare parts shop for motor vehicle in Rumuruti..

My Business

I am currently operating a Spare parts Shop in our center, I started this business with the support from my Father ,after realizing this area had scarcity of this kind of shops and the available one had no essential commodities that were commonly needed by the locals.I have stocked various spare parts that are in high demand to increase on sales.I have included products that other competitors don’t stock for various reasons as their price and where to buy them at a fair price.This has enabled me to tap on the big mass and as well as the big market.I have been able to cut on the cost by sourcing the products from the neighbouring country Uganda due to the good pricing .This ensures that my products are of good quality and fairly priced attracting more customers.My costs Totaling to a sum of USD 1500.My average sales per day sums to USD 230.The profit that I make from the business I use it for my daily upkeep and I save at least USD 70 for future expansion and progress.It is with great humble request that this application will be approved and considered ,for the upgrading of my business. Thank you in advance to you all.

Loan Proposal

Hey everyone at Zidisha family,i am humbled to Thank Zidisha for granting me this opportunity to join this family and benefit from the loan,for this loan i am going to add more stock to bolts at a cost of 80USD,nuts at a cost of 90 USD,engine oil at a cost of 40 USD and gear box oil at 30USD.This will enable me to meet the growing demand of this products.This loan with part of my savings will enable me succeed in this venture.Thank You.





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Classic Loan

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Aug 11, 2014

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20 months



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