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David Gitau

Gilgil, Kenya

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David Gitau

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September 2016

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About Me

am David ,,first born in a family of 4 children. Am an entrepreneur owning a Hardware store and a timber yard.Firstly I thank my lenders for previously supporting me raise my previous loans.Being the first born in a family of four, I have come a long way for me to be able to own the hardware and the timer yard. I got a family not yet have a child but hoping to get one soon. I get money to support my needs to support my family from my business.

My Business

The hardware store is where I get my income .In the hardware store I make sales of about 1500 dollars weekly and in the timber yard sales of a bout 100 dollars weekly. My family needs are met through the profit made from my business. The profit which I make share it to my saving account ,,family needs ,,increase my hardware stock. In my Hardware you will find cement,, iron sheets,, nuts,, pipes and pipe fittings and other building materials. Firstly I started with the hardware which started operating back in 2016 .With the profit made I have been able to open a new business which is the timberyard .I sell timber, offcuts and firewood. I am looking forward to expanding both business from profit made and support from my Zidisha lenders.

Loan Proposal

I will buy extra paints to increase my stock and which will cost about 70dollars and will give me back a profit of about 40 dollars.
I will increase my jua Kali products in my hardware stock which can cost 50 dollars.
I will be able to save more and will increase my employee from one to two.I create employment space .
I expect to get 50 dollars or more as profit .

My Videos

Jun 22, 2021: My hardware business video






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Classic Loan

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Sep 24, 2016

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On Time

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7 weeks

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United States

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Nov 6, 2016


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