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Muya Daniel

Ruai, Kenya

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Muya Daniel

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April 2015

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About Me

Am a third born in a family of five. I grew up in the rift valley and all my elementally school was in that part of the country. My growing up was not without challenges. My upbringing was not so friendly as we were five of us and my parents really had to work hard for us. At times we would have to miss school just to go help out our parents in the farm as that was the only family income we had. I really thank God for that upbringing because it molded me to becoming a responsible young man and from there got to realize that agriculture is not really what I wanted in life but Agribusiness. However, i learn t early in life that giving up was never an option. This has remained my philosophy to date. That is why after college and formal employment was not forthcoming, i decided to get involved in what i grew doing, farming. I made up my mind to go back and start small scale farming with an objective to save reinvest back in the shamba until i succeed.
I am now farming kales, watermelon, capsicum, tomatoes etc. The area am farming is good because of convenience from my home ie I only use 20ksh from my home to the shamba and again the soil is fertile and therefore i will obtain a good harvest. I have been doing this business for several months and when I heard about zidisha I thought my dreams would come to reality though Zidisha. I want in the next few years to have my own farm as I am leasing one now and I would want it to be a demonstration farm not so long from now. I want my children to go get an education then later get to mechanized agriculture. My hobby is to go to the book shop I by book. later I reading books, re-reading them then reading them again and making my own copy.

My Business

My business in the line of agribusiness. At the moment am selling different farm produce, for example, i sell watermelon, i also sell kales, capsicum tomatoes among other thing that i plant in my farm. These products that i produce are in demand because where the farm is there is a small town a distance of about ten km. secondly i have a small dam that will allow me to produce all year round . Therefore when i produce during the dry season their supply will be low and therefore the demand will be high and also give me a good price.
The reason I choose this business was because I had farming skill that I had obtained long time ago when farming with my parents at home. The other reason is that I did not require high initial cost .I was also in a position to obtain a farm where I could start my lease one acre of the farm it costs 15,000ksh for a period of one year.
The general costs are as follows
Leasing 15,000ksh for one year
Petro for pumping water 1500 per month
Seeds 4500 in one season this may go up or come down depending on the crop that am planting. Watermelon is the most expensive and kales are cheapest to farm because of very small initial capital that is needed.
At the moment am using the profits that I obtain from the business to grow the same business. My objective is for it to move from a small agribusiness to a vibrant farming enterprise in the next two years. I also plan to use the profit to get more training in the area of agribusiness to harness this enterprise. Finally some of the profit is normally used in my family for general upkeep as its general welfare.

Loan Proposal

When am given this loan i want to boost my watermelon farming business. I will buy good high bread seeds so that i can increase my harvest. i will also buy fertilizer which i have discovered is a big necessity when it comes to farming watermelon.
This loan will be transformative because it will increase my income that is greatly needed by my family. Secondly this loan will increase my farming capacity which will eventually increase my profits .when the profit increases I will go back to school and enhance my farming skills. I will also boost my wife business which will eventually increase our earning as a family. My ability to boost my agribusiness will also go a long way in preparing and also saving for the education of my children which is a very important facet of my life. If I get this loan this is how I envision it to increase my profits.
In the first season I will manage to plant 1/4acre of watermelon where I expect to make a profit of about 15000 in a period of three months. Later I will increase it to 1/2acre and reinvest the profits which again in period of about three months I will get a profit of about 45000ksh.This will be a very big boost in my income.






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May 14, 2015

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