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December 2015

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About Me

Am called Nicholas Oloo I was born in the year 1946 in Siaya County in Nyanza Province in the republic of Kenya.
I started schooling in the year 1954 in Primary to to the year 1960 in Ulumbi .
Then between the year 1961 to 1965 High School in Old Kampala Secondary School in Uganda,then between the year 1966 to 1968 Joined Uganda Commercial college I took sales and marketing in Diploma level.
After working for 10 years after gaining the experience for all those years and saved some money ,I began my own business.
The Unique thing in my land am coming from is that when you are educated you are expected to provide for all your relative and all your extended relatives.
All my children are grown up and 4 of them are teachers 2 of them are businessmen .
My main hobby is Jogging, singing for I am a clergy, I serve in Church pert time as a Pastor.

My Business

I provide internet , printing, biding ,lamination and photocopy services for my customers in Eldoret town.
This services is in great demand because there are many colleges around this town and the of these services is in demand among the students.
I chose this kind of business because I learn t the business management in my School as a profession .
my typical cost is 45,000KES.
I use my profit I get from my business as follows.
1.Reinvestment in growing the business is 5,000KES.
2.Home improvement is 30,000KES.
3.Keeping my grand children is 5,000KWS.
4.Church activities is 3,000KES
and I still expect to grow and grow in the near future.

Loan Proposal

When am given the loan this time I will be able to buy one computer for my cybercafe business to help fasten my work at the cost of $ 90 US Dollars.
this will make my work to be faster and my customers will be happy and
will flock the place and of course make more profit for me and my family and I will employ more one cyber attendance to help me do the
When this plan is put in place then this business will increase or grow by 20% this year
Thanks in advance for lending me again I will try my best this time to pay in good time so that I may grow in credit limit .






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Classic Loan

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Nov 13, 2018

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On Time

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7 weeks



Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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