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Peter Raphael

Ilorin, Nigeria

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Peter Raphael

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August 2020

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About Me

I m, Peter opeyemi Raphael, l was born in July , 6th, 1991 at lsolo-opin town, in ekiti local government area,of kwara state, from the family of prnice Peter ayeni oye, l started my primary school, programme in August, 10th 1993, l went to community primary school L.G.E .A -olomi-oja, omu-aran kwara state, l finish my primary school program in June, 25th , 1999, l went further to Babalola memorial (C.A.C) grammar school odo-owa, oke-ero local government area of kwara state. Thanks u Sir.

My Business

The kind of business l m doing , is buying and selling of clothes, with different varieties like akarah clothes, and geniue clothes, l m also a discributor to many customers, l have many customers, because l m selling in bunk to them, not in pieces , my company can be located at Ago-market llorin, opposit emir palace llorin kwara state Nigeria, l buying my good from Kano state Nigeria, Also buying my goods from China, at time, depending my customer request, thanks u Sir.

Loan Proposal

I have a plan already on ground, because, l m a business Oracle before, l will use the loan for my business support, not for any thing, every other thing is secondary , but, solely on my business boost, because, l need to meet up some certain demand from my customer needs, that is why, l am borrowing money.thank you sir.

Income Source

I will be able to rapay this money every week, because market have hopen now, not like before, to be paying the money now is the problem, because, government in have lift Lock down for inter state , this means that All my customer that buying from me before the Lock down started, they too can come out now to good, more so , partying and other occasions have allow now Nigeria, like wedding, so people we need to buy clothes, so this will Make my rapayment every week be More easier for me, thanks u.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Aug 27, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks




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Toulouse, France, France



United States


Ewan Jones

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Sep 12, 2020


Fully repaid

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Sep 5, 2020 $9.33 Aug 27, 2020 $0.03
Sep 5, 2020 $9.30
Sep 12, 2020 $9.33 Sep 5, 2020 $0.03
Sep 12, 2020 $9.30
Sep 19, 2020 $9.33 Sep 12, 2020 $9.33
Sep 26, 2020 $9.33 Sep 12, 2020 $9.33
Oct 3, 2020 $9.33 Sep 12, 2020 $9.33
Oct 10, 2020 $9.33 Sep 12, 2020 $9.33