Buying certified carrots seeds and land cultivation

Esther Wangari

Kimende, Kenya

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Esther Wangari

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September 2014

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About Me

My name is Esther Wangari,born in nyeri county othaya subcounty i am married and blessed with one lovely baby girl ,i finished my o level education six years ago and afterwards i trained in beauty therapy as a saloonist dealing with women products mostly women hair although i have not been able to start my own beauty shop, i am expecting to open one soon,i am also dealing with crotcheting and knittting dealing with different products like table mats pullovers and chair mats which I do at my free time.In this business I earn approximately 15$ weekly .I also have a passion in farming and I have lent a one acre piece of land in a very productive area where I intend to do farming mostly focusing on vegetables like carrots and potatoes and by this I will contribute a lot by adding more food to the community as I earn good cash.

My Business

Since i finished schooling i had a passion of employing my self and this was the reason that made me to enroll in this course of beauty, after gaining the required skills in college i have been employed by two different employers dealing with beauty as a saloonist and i can say its an enjoyable work as this depends on your kills ,the more skilled you are the more customers you get i still do it to date where i am paid on commission basis in a day i get like 3$ but i am looking forward to opening my own beauty saloon where i will be my own boss, it is a very profitable business depending on the location, i also have some free time businesses which are like hobbies but the good thing is that i still earn from them these are like crotcheting where i do table mats, hats, pullovers ,chair mats and many more. people like my crotcheting very much and i earn approximately 15$ profit weekly. With this money i will be able to repay the loans without any problems. Since food has become a problem, I thought of venturing into small scale farming where i will be dealing with vegetables. I have lent out a one acre piece land in a very productive area near kimende town where i stay and i am willing to do carrots to start with. I have sought all the required information about this business from those farmers already doing it and i believe if i follow all the steps well , at the end i will be a happy person pocketing at least 500$ in a period of four months.

Loan Proposal

I have lent a one acre piece of land where i intend to do vegetables farming focusing on carrots since they don't have so much problems and also they have good profits, if you lend me the money i will use as follows, 50$ will be used to cultivate the land and also plant the seedlings, 50$will be used to buy the best certified seeds and the remaining balance will be used to buy fertilizer so that i can get good returns. i will use my earning from my crotcheting business and that way i will not be having any problems. I promise to be a good borrower and never to let lenders down thanks for your support.





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Classic Loan

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Sep 22, 2014

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On Time

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3 months

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Lender interest: $149.97 at 5.23% annual rate over 3 months = $2.41

Service fee: $1.67




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