Buying farming inputs and irrigation

Seidu Salifu

Keniago Tepa Ashanti, Ghana

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Seidu Salifu

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April 2020

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64 installments  •  66%

About Me

My name is Seidu Salifu and I am 23 years of age born to Mr Seidu Salifu senior and Mrs Nafisatu Seidu. My father died when I was in the first year of my senior High School. When I was in in school, I always used to go to Kumasi to stay with my Auntie during vacation at Tech to find petty job that I lay my hands on to cater for my school since my mom was not able to take care of all my needs and was also weak because of her age. Mr Eric introduced me to a commercial driver that I used to work with when I am on vacation and helped me to cater for my books and other needs in school.
After completing my school, I decided to move to village to put into practice what I love most in my career and that is farming.
I like reading, doing research and also love helping the vulnerable people. I will love to adopt and take care of the needy ones when I stand on my toes.

My Business

I am into farming and I grow a lot of crops and vegetables like pepper, garden eggs, tomatoes, cabbage and all types of farm products.
I realize that vegetables are the most essential farm products that is mostly in demand of markets especially during this covid 19, and that's my area of my concentration now because vegetables are in demand of.
Growing vegetables are so important and it is really helping me and I wish you will help me to secure loans to buy pesticides and seeds in growing more of the vegetables.

Loan Proposal

I am so grateful to zidisha for how they have supported me with my farming business. I am requesting this loan to buy farming inputs and to also for my irrigation system on my farming business. Farming inputs helps in the sppedy of farming and the irrigation also helps a lot. I intend to use this loan to buy farming inputs and for the irrigation on my farming. Thank you

Income Source

The world has been hit with a high risk of climate change. This has made some businesses slow but because we are trading here in Ghana and even people definitely will buy foodstuff and vegetables from my farm produce, I can repay my loan on time.

My Videos

Feb 13, 2021: Myself video thanking zidisha loan





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Dec 16, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

8 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $29.75

Credit risk payment: $89.26

Optional expediting fee: $59.51



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