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Lenza Kathomi

Iruma, Kenya

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Lenza Kathomi

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July 2018

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About Me

My name is Lenza Kathomi. I am a medical student at the university of nairobi. I am a hard worker and focused student who doesnt like depending on my mother who pays my fees and wants the best for me. I work part-time as a children care taker and fruit vendor. All these jobs help me keep up in campus without much struggle. My ambition is to become a brilliant obstetrician and gynaecologist. I want to help the world achieve great heights in this field. My little business and the safety of my daughter is what matters to me the most and I would do anything for my girl.

My Business

My income source is selling fruits. The business has been doing great so far. I get alot of free fresh apples and grapes from my granny's vineyard and sell them at an affordable price and therefore get great profit. I want to expand my business since I have alot of customers and this way I will be able to make more money. I need to buy seeds and plant many other fruits so as to sell a wide variety of fruits for more income

Loan Proposal

I will use this loan to buy seeds of a variety of fruits to plant in my garden. I will use those fruits to expand my fruit vendor business. This business will help me through my studies and proper raising of my daughter Dalphine. My business is doing so well and if I pull this one through, it might turn into a big grocery shop which will be very beneficial to me and my future. This loan is important now since I have currently spent the money I made to pay my daughter's child care fees but in no time I will be able to refund it.





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Classic Loan

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Jul 24, 2018

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3 weeks

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Singapore, Singapore

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