Buying hairdressing machine & bowls for my new shop


Kumasi, Ghana

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September 2020

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About Me

I am Vivian Amoah a hardworking lady of 28 years and a Hairdresser. I am married with two children. I come from Manso in Ghana with a very rich culture. I struggled when growing up because I come from a broken home where my father rejected me as his biological daughter when I was born. Due to that i was raised my a single mother who did find it difficult to provide a two daily meal a day. I finish secondary school through the help of some family members and because of financial instability I have to learn trade and later a vocation in hairdressing.
I got myself married but my husband but he lost his job due to Covid 19 and so the burden lies upon me to cater for the family.
My vocation as a hairdresser is helping to cater for the family and also teach the youth apprentice who are willing to learn and develop a profession in hairdressing.

I joined Zidisha with the hope of expanding my business and to cater the family and sick mother and also help the community as a whole.

I am really grateful to Zidisha and any lender who is investing a penny into the expansion of my business. I say God bless you. Thank you.

My Business

I own a dressing saloon located at New Tafo near Christ Apostolic Church in kumasi. The business is well established with apprentice. Now I want to expand it and create more branches which will also help and teach more youth who by not their fault suffering to make a vocation in hairdressing as a profession. this will help eradicate poverty among the youth.

At my saloon we give all kind of hair treatments to clients at the best cost, due to that I have gain respect among the community and have alot of customers who patronize our services.

Loan Proposal

The loan I am applying would help me buy new hair dressing machine and washing bowls to work with in my new saloon. This saloon is newly open at Kumasi Santasi and would serve the customers in that area. This would fetch me enough profit to support my business. I would reinvest the profit into the business.

Income Source

I would be paying the loan from the profit I gain from offering services to my clients and make sure I pay on time to prevent default of loan.





  • Sabrina    Feb 7, 2021

    Vivian paid her loan back even before it was due. I wish her good luck with her further projects

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 4, 2021

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Projected term

5 months



Warren Shen

United States

Diane U

Olympia, Wa, Usa, United States

Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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Aug 19, 2021


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Mar 11, 2021 $9.85 Mar 25, 2021 $9.85
Mar 18, 2021 $9.85 Mar 25, 2021 $9.85
Mar 25, 2021 $9.85 Mar 25, 2021 $9.85
Apr 1, 2021 $9.85 Mar 31, 2021 $9.85
Apr 8, 2021 $9.85 Apr 8, 2021 $9.85
Apr 15, 2021 $9.85 Apr 15, 2021 $9.85
Apr 22, 2021 $9.85 Apr 22, 2021 $9.85
Apr 29, 2021 $9.85 Apr 30, 2021 $9.85
May 6, 2021 $9.85 Jun 4, 2022 $0.88
May 13, 2021 $9.85
May 20, 2021 $9.85
May 27, 2021 $9.85
Jun 3, 2021 $9.85
Jun 10, 2021 $56.30
Jun 17, 2021 $56.30
Jun 24, 2021 $56.30
Jul 1, 2021 $56.30
Jul 8, 2021 $56.30
Jul 15, 2021 $56.30
Jul 22, 2021 $56.30
Jul 29, 2021 $13.72
Aug 5, 2021 $13.72
Aug 12, 2021 $13.72
Aug 19, 2021 $9.32