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April 2021

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My name ia Divine Ebube iloghalum,im a native of nachi in udi LGA of Enugu state,in the east of Nigeria.Im the 3rd child,i have 3 siblings.My father is late,but my mum is with us.After my father's death,for lack of finance i had to dropout of school and started doing odd jobs in other to raise money to start up a business.And i thank God,i was able to save up,and start up this sachet water and bottle water business.

My Business

The sachet water and bottle water business is a great business here in Nigeria,because everybody needs to drink water.Though im not a manufacturer,though i hope to be someday,i buy directly from manufacturers in quantity who give me at a discount because im a distributor, i in turn sell to retailers and consumers.Its a very profitable venture,it has no season, no on peak or off peak, its just steady sales.my shop is situated at a very good location,in a bus terminal,so im able to supply to hawkers,retailers,and direct consumers.

Loan Proposal

With this new loan, ill be able to increase my purchase of both sachet water and bottle water.Ive been assured by the company that the more i buy,the more discounts i get,so with this new loan ill buy more bottle water and sachet water at wonderful prices, sell and make profit.

Income Source

Even with the economic climate, we all need water to survive, in Nigeria, one of the safest drinkable water, is actually sachet water, so it doesn't matter what the economic climate is,we all need watee to drink therefore business will thrive,then buying it at discount means that i get to sell at a good price and make profit,from which ill pay off the loan.

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Classic Loan

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May 16, 2021

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