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Bavon Michael

Kisumu, Kenya

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Bavon Michael

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March 2014

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About Me

i am 24 years of age currently living in kisumu as my home town because i work as a music producer and at the same time i do deejaying as my part time work from fridays saturday and sunday.i am from a family of six my mother,father,my two brothers,my sister and I.i am the second born of my family.i am still in maseno university town campus pursuing a degree in international relationship and at the same time i manage my own music company whereby i produce songs for upcoming artist and ven myself i do sing.i started my studio with only 35,000/- that is only the laptop and some microphones and some software for music production that i do have and now from there i have been able to produce songs to various local artist and i have been making 70,000/- a month then deducting the expenses,studio maintence,rent,licences,music copy rights fees i end remaining with only 20,000/- as my profit./i alss do deejaying in some clubs at night in kisumu from friday saturday and sunday and for the whole month they pay 20,000/-.so ato add on my profit i get like 40,000/-.this money i have used to pay my part time studied in homeboys deejaying school during summer time when in holidays and also i have add some microphones in my studio using the money and i want to expand my studio more also.thank you zidisha.

My Business

this a very great time to join zidisha very optimistic that only zidisha is going to make me stand out in my work of music and entertainment.therefore,i want to ask for a loan size of 250,000/- for the start epsecially now.i want to expand my studio and improve it air conditioning,and tint it to a high standard studio and this is going to cost me almost 70,000/-.then i want to buy a mixer especially for mastering after i have done all the recording now i want to synchronize my work the mixer will cost 80,000/-.also i will add some studio speakers this are going to cost me 40,000/-,and then midi cable that goes at 2500/- and i have to buy two thus giong to 5000/-.then condenser microphones,wireless around four of them this will cost me 10,000/-.then the remaining 45,000/- i will use to add two desk tops so that to smoothen the work load especially for group like choirs who always come to record on my studio.that will also makes things easy.i therefore have hope that i will be able to pay back the money on time as i have described above ther my capital and my net worth profit i believe zidisha if you fund me you will have made me move to another level and i will work towards moving and chasing my dream.thank you zidisha.

Loan Proposal

i am going to buy two condenser microphones because the ones i have at the moment are causing me alot of problems and the microphones are the CAD condenser electric microphone and and the rode microphone and the cheapest goes at 6000/- so i believe the two will cost 12,000/- and the remaining 739/- i will use for purchasing some music software such as fl-studio ten and adobe audition 3.0 of which they will help me improve my production.thank you so much zidisha for this golden opportunity you have just given unto me to move the mountains of this wonderful very competitive entertainment industry.i want to say that am so greatful and i believe i see myself flying.thank you so much zidisha.





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Classic Loan

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Mar 15, 2014

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8 months



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Sterling, United States


Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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Nov 16, 2014


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