Chick feeds and new poultry cage


Muranga, Kenya

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November 2018

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About Me

Am a Kenya living in the rural area known as Muranga. Am married with two children's. Having failed to secure formal employment decided to engage in chicken and goat keeping to sustain my family. Hence started with few chicks and two goats. The challenges are many like high cost of feeds, and other materials been with no other income and family to feed

My Business

Poultry farming and goat keeping is the option I have, chickens have ready market while exotic goats fetch good money though they take time to mature with increase of population demands of eggs and meat is on the rise thus I decided to try my luck

Loan Proposal

having received the newly hatched chicks more space is needed to accommodate the since they are young and prone to cold and other animals which prey on them, hence a well built, ventilated and protected environment. more feeds and extra care needed thus more money needed your loan will go along way in assisting me achieve my goal of self reliance.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 5, 2019

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3 weeks


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Apr 16, 2019


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