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Hello lenders, I am Kevin Nyachihi. I am a diploma holder in Business Information Technology.
I run a computer and cyber café in Karatina Town. My day to day activities at the shop include: Sales and service of computer parts, stationaries sales, general printing, graphic designs and online service like applying for government permits, travel visas, online job application among others.
I am also a follower of Christian faith. I am also involved in social works in the community that I serve like helping the old and vulnerable people in the society.

My Business

I am running a computer and accessories enterprise accompanied with printing and photocopying activities under the name Jelani Technologies. My business is located at Karatina Market Mall Building adjacent to Post Bank Kenya.
Computer and Accessories entails selling ex-uk laptops and desktops computers among other computer accompaniments like chargers, power cables, hard discs etc.
Printing and Photocopying involves walk-ins’ officials and college and university students who come for printing, scanning and photocopying their documents.
My customer base includes clients with official purposes like payslips, license renewals, income tax returns, visa and passport applications, vehicle registrations and transfers among others. While I offer university students services like Higher Education Loans Board application, online students registration and printing services.

Loan Proposal

From my savings and the loan that I am applying for I hope to buy an incubator . Since buying one month chicks are expensive, I intend to incubate my eggs so as to save the cost of buying chicks and at the same time having the best breeds the remaining cash will help me in equipping the chick’s new house, lighting, and warmth for chicks(1 day old) coming out of the incubator to the brooder room and for veterinary regular checkups. This is in preparation for the end of year and the New Year’s (2016) celebrations, where the demand is high and I don’t want to let my customers down and at the same time add one more worker who will give special attention to the incubator and the young chicks.
An incubator goes for US$ 150
Am grateful for visiting my page.






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Classic Loan

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Jul 30, 2015

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