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I am a Kenyan citizen of age 36years. I completed my secondary school successfully then later pursued Diploma in Community Development. I am third born in house of 6 children. Of all my siblings I am the one with high business acumen moreso dealing in Livestock (raring chicken), I started this when I was in high school where I started with 2 chickens. I carried the same concept to my marriage and I do love birds business. Today I am a mother of 2 girls and happy to be still keeping chickens for eggs and white meat supplying to hotels and walk in clients.

My Business

My Business is Addah's Chicks. I deal with chicken (local). I started with only 2 and today i have over 20 chicken being reared on a free range basis. I have a spacious compound thus very convinient for my business. I buy chicken from the rural wholsalers then inturn sell to my clients who are majorly hotels, friends, and referral clients. With my widening scope in this business, I even supply chickens for various accasions and functions like weddings, birthdays e.t.c.
I chose this buiness because of passion and the minimal cost involved in rearing the chicken, which are easy to sustatin and as a result increases my revenue. I get 1 adult chciken from the wholesalers at Kshs 250 (USD 3), and I re-sell at approximately Kshs 500 (USD 6). My monthly revenue is not fixed but it is roughly Kshs 2500 (USD 294). I use the profits to pay for school fees for my children, paying household bills and food among others

Loan Proposal

I intend to expand the space for my chicken so that i can keep more broilers and layers which will definately mean more business. I will buy 10 iron sheets (Gauge 35) 3m by 1m @ Kshs 600(USD 7) which amounts to Kshs 6000 (USD 71) then, 33metres wooden planks 1in x 1in x 3m @Ksh 85 (USD 1) which is equals to kshs 2805 (USD 33 )
The nails and labour are readily available as my husband will help me with that, I will expand the housing to about another 30 chickens which will breed and resell at about Kshs 15000 (USD 176) and also get more eggs for sale on the side, I will be able to meet my clients re-order level and gradually increase the number of birds in my flock. My family, friends and relatives will have access to readily available white meet from me






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Feb 5, 2015

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