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I am David Juma ,I am a kenyan cizten, I was born in Busia county I went to mukindiani primary school and kadizo secondary school ,I then joined maseno university for a degree in sociology.
I completed my studies in 2011 ,I looked for a job but i could find any. I knew giving up with life was not the best option but at the same time I had nothing to do.I could not even think of a business because ,i did not have capital. I was forced to go back to the village because life in town was becoming unbearably expensive.I could only afford one meal in a in the village was not as easy as I thought it was even tougher,my peasant farmer parents expected me to care of them,yet I had no source of income. I knew I had to something about my life and income but how?? I send several application letters to several employers but nothing was forthcoming not even regret letter!!! At these point I knew the degree I was holding was a mere paper, I went to the garden to try my luck in what I had always consider dirty job for the an educated and that was farming. I started by preparing a quarter acre land for planting vegetables and it turned out well. In six months time a could walk to the bank and deposit and withdraw money. I now earn decent living and not looking forward to a white collar job anymore. Farming is cool.
I am a basketball player and weight lifter. I always play basketball with members of my youth group when free. I am also a soccer fun and a big supporter of Arsenal!!

My Business

my business is farming. I grow leafy green vegetables that i sell to the local market and two local secondary schools.
Vegetables are always in demand because most people depend on them as source of food as well as source of nutrients.
I choose these business because i could not find a white coller job that I have always dreamt of,but I dont regret because it gives me my daily bread and I live a decent life.Looking forward to expand my farm so that it becomes the most reputable source of vegetables in my county.
I spend $80 every month on generator fuel, $20 on labour and $20 on transport. My average monthly revenue is $300. I make $$180 in profit every month.
I spend my money in paying fees for my orphan cousin,taking care of my parents and business expansion.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders ,thank you so much for supporting me in my farming business.The business is doing fine. My nephew reported back to school last monday but was send home to collect remaining school fees balance. I had manage to raise $190 out of $280. I talked to the headmaster who agreed to give me one week to clear the balance . I value these kids education so much and would do anything to keep her in school. Help me clear these fees,then would repay slowly from my business. Thanks in advance.






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May 25, 2015

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6 weeks



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  • David    Jul 21, 2015

    I would use the money to buy a donkey for transportation in my farm.Thank you lenders

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  • David    Jul 11, 2015

    Thank you lenders for helping me take my nephew back to school . I paid his school fees in full and I am no longer worried of him being send home. I appreciate your kindness

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  • David    May 25, 2015

    than you lenders. I will use the loan to clear the fees balance. Asante

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  • David    May 14, 2015

    Hello lenders.Thank you so much for the loan. I am sorry I have not been able to update you frequently due to lack of network and computer. But all in all the farm is doing well and I am thankful to you.

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