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About Me

Grace Dzifa Wornyoh is my name, a dietitian in Ghana. Born in the capital of Ghana, Accra. I was educated in the same city. I graduated University of Ghana with a Bsc Dietetics in 2014 and now doing my internship as a dietitian at Ridge Regional Hospital. I am currently a clinical dietician and I'm very happy for that. I love the profession and everything about it just to help save peoples lives.

My Business

I provide dietician consultation to patients. I assess them to find out whether their food choices affects their health or they have any nutrition deficiencies, obese, hypertensive, diabetics, gone through surgery and prescribe appropriate diet for them. Some needs special diets, fortifiers to fortify their food, supplements to supplement their diet, lactose free diet/formula, infant formula for new born who for some reasons cannot breast feed, or does not tolerates milk and will need other alternatives, diabetic sugar (sweeter), creamer for cholesterol patient and natural spices like coriander, cinnamon, and many other nutrition and health products. Every patient need some form of dietary support.
I have started buying some of these nutrition and health products at wholesale prices and sell them to patient. I need more fund to purchase more to support my patients since they are not readily available at the hospital. This will reduce stress patients have to go through before getting these products. Income will be saved towards the opening of my own diet shop which will be very close to the hospital.

Loan Proposal

When given this loan, i will purchase the following
Coconut oil...100 dollars
Spices....30 dollars
Transport...6 dollars.
I hope to make 50% profits within 3 months.





  • David    Apr 9, 2018

    I believe Grace originally requested a loan of $125, but only received $30. She still paid the loan off efficiently. I hope she gets better funding next time.

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Jan 5, 2017

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2 months


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