Completion of poultry coop and acquiring laying hens

Asiedu Stephen

Jinijini, Ghana

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Asiedu Stephen

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August 2016

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About Me

As a child I told myself I will do something great for myself. This motivated me to take my studies very seriously. I studied very seriously and I was rewarded by topping the class at the end of every exams which was conducted at the end of the term. God being so good I passed my junior high exams and I was offered admission to persue Business at the Senior High school. Upon my going there, one woman who was preparing our file looked at my result and said: 'who offered you admission? We won't accept people like you here' . I also knew I had done well. Fortunatelly for me, there was a merit scholarship scheme for all students who will top the class. The burden then was on me. During the 2nd term examination which was also used to give the scholarship, I topped the class. I told myself that it is not someone who decide my future but myself. In our part of the world the condition is not favourable know matter how intelligent you are. So I said to myself why not start something small. So I started poutry. God has bless us with fertile land so most people engage in subsistance farming. I would wish my children will engage in any meaningful profession which is not criminal. I remember when I was in Junior high school we attended football match in sunyani the Regional capital and defeated our opponents. It was so amazing.

My Business

I engage in poutry farming in a small scale. It is very useful in the sense that some young girls come to buy some of the eggs, fry and sell them every evening for them to earn something. Also some food vendors come to buy some of the cock to prepare their meal. I am into this productive activity because I care for nature and the capital requirement is minimal. Expenses include purchasing nails and iron sheet to construct a pen, hiring a veterinary ooficer to inject them and feeding them. The revenue comes from the sale of eggs and the chicken itself. Since I dream of expanding it to produce in large scale, I reinvest all my profit.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders, my structure is of dimension 20 feet by 30 feet. I will buy 10 wooden boards at 35 Dollars(3.5 Dollars per board) to cover the top for roofing, 3 star roofing sheet at 70 Dollars(1 packet), Small sized roofing nails at 11 Dollars, workmanship for roofing at 11 Dollars,
wire mesh to fence it at 23 Dollars and once I have some knowledge in masionary, I'll cover the floor with concrete. Once the structure or coop is ready, I will now buy 100 day old layers for 116 Dollars(1.1 Dollars per one). I will then buy their feed at 116 Dollars( 2 bags of 50 Kg at 58 Dollars per one) drugs such as Newcastle at 11 Dollars per bottle, vitamins at 13 Dollars per bottle, Gumbolo at 10 Dollars per bottle Antibiotics at 6.9 Dollars per bottle Glucose at 6.9 Dollars per bottle. I will also buy a bag of charcoal to keep them warm at 6.9 Dollars, 5 Drinking cans at 23 Dollars(4.6 Dollars per one), Transportation of 11 Dollars, 2.5 cable for transferring light at 23 Dollars( 1 Coil), 3 bulbs at 6 Dollars, 3 lamb holders at 2.3 Dollars, workmanship for electrician at 23 Dollars and Miscellaneous of 46 Dollars. Now that I have finished competing the coop, the birds will be safe from predators like snake. I expect the layers when they start laying to lay at least 93 eggs everyday. A crate of 30 eggs is sold for 3.4 Dollars hence I will get about 10.2 Dollars everyday. I can also sell every layer for 7 Dollars and I could get 700 Dollars from selling all the birds.





  • Margaret    Mar 16, 2018

    The loan was paid off in a timely manner!

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  • Margaret    Oct 24, 2017

    Stephen paid off his loan in a timely manner, I would gladly lend to him again and encourage others to do the same.

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    • Asiedu Stephen    Mar 13, 2018

      Dear Margaret I am very happy for the support and its now time i need you most to help fund my loan since I have almost completed my new poultry coop where i can house about 100 layers.

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Classic Loan

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Mar 29, 2018

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3 months

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Service fee: $23.93

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