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Monica Nyokabi

Ruiru, Kenya

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Monica Nyokabi

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February 2014

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20 installments  •  25%

About Me

I have successfully completed diploma in fashion and design hence am employed with a reputable organization in fashion industry in Nairobi but my passion is in education for children thus I have established a kindergarten in Ruiru.

I have been saving from my wage to establish the kindergarten which offers quality education to children. I usually have offs once per week thus I spend my off day at the institutions bonding with staff, parents and students.

Revenue from the kindergarten part of it is used for savings because am in the process of expanding the institutions to accomodate class one as from next year.

The kindergarten is managed & run by competent staff thus demand is high and also be based in Ruiru which is on the outskirt of Nairobi and growing very fast thus the population of the area is also growing fast.

My Business

I am employed by a reputable organization in fashion & Design within Nairobi but my passion is in education for children.

My kindergarten is based in Ruiru and it offers quality education because pupils are not crowded, competent staff , teaching materials and enough playing space.

Am in the process of expand the institution by renovating empty rooms, purchasing teaching & reading materials for class one and purchasing desks & seats. Parents have started requesting for reservation for class one next year but as our policy quality education then prospective pupils will have to do a test and only few will be selected to join our institutions.

I am happy to join Zidisha community so that I can capitalize on the networking of members across the globe thus facilitating my institution to grow and offer quality education.

Loan Proposal

Am in the process of expanding my kindergarten so that next year it can enroll pupils for class one thus to ensure the quality of education is not compromised I have started the preparation early thus with my savings and the support from Zidisha community I intend to complete my preparation in 3 phases thus the first phase will be to purchase reading materials for kshs 8200 and learning materials for Kshs 9800. The above materials will ensure the quality of education given to the pupils is excellent because most of the local schools don't have reading and learning materials. Presence of reading & learning materials in my institution has led to high demand from parents but it's unfortunate that we can only enroll specific number of pupils to avoid overcrowding. Through Zidisha community support my education institution will grow and offer quality education






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Classic Loan

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Mar 11, 2014

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On Time

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6 weeks

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