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January 2018

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About Me

My name is Vincent Kasina, I come from Machakos county, Masinga location. I joined Kyeteni Primary School in the year 2003 and completed primary education in the year 2012 and later joined Ngukemwe High School in the year 2013 where I completed my level of secondary education in the year 2016 and joined a computer training college, due to lack of enough school fees I decided to begin part time classes in order to find some source of income to satisfy my needs and also raise funds for my education.

My Business

I have established a cyber cafe in our local town where I obtain sources of income to sustain my needs and also expand my business. The services are useful to be because they bring up profit which I use to attend my part time classes and also satisfy my needs.
The business is not yet well stabilized due to lack of sources, but I usually struggle myself to meet my targets

Project Proposal

First, I would use the funds to purchase the necessary equipment to set up the cyber cafe. This would include computers, monitors, routers, and other networking equipment. I would also purchase furniture, such as chairs and tables, as well as the necessary accessories, such as printers and scanners. I would then set up the necessary software and applications, such as an internet security suite and a web browser.

Finally, I would use the funds to ensure the cyber cafe is secure. This would involve setting up firewalls, using encryption software, and other measures to protect the customers' data. I would also need to purchase insurance to protect the cafe from any potential liabilities.





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Pay It Forward

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Jan 24, 2023



Nairobi, Kenya

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