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About Me

My name is Martin Mugambi mwenda, an entrepreneur and an agricultural economist who is into data processing and analysis business. My background at Egerton university created a desire to analyse data and try to project it into the future. Despite my big desire to analyse data, Monitoring and Evaluation is my other interest. I always carry the desire to examine and evaluate performance, then guide future performance to achieve the intended goals.

My Business

As stated earlier my business is essentially in data collection, processing, analysis and reporting. My company utilises the latest data analysis softwares and is gradually growing in terms of turn over and staff. The company intends to in future diversify into making surveys and monitoring & evaluation consultancies. Data analysis especially in Africa is a grey area that has not been fully exploited, given that this data can be very much useful to project future trends. Currently the business has 8 employees most of whom were there at inception. Emphasis is majorly put at training our staff on the latest data analysis packages and we also ensure that an annual training needs assessment guides us on this aspect. Our business demand has always been on an upward trajectory courtesy of just some little marketing. We expect that as we release more resources to our marketing efforts, our revenues will triple.

Loan Proposal

Data collection, analysis and reporting are the major tasks of my firm. I will do the following Purchases with the loan
2 SPSS softwares
one work station
one desktop
one additional staff
I will extensively undertake marketing to stand out and establish a client base. Plans for growth and expansion will be considered with subsequent trainings in management and leadership. The company will also look at the possibilities of training on data analysis as well as offering consultancy





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Sep 10, 2017

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Howells, United States

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