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Bosco David Mwakibinga

Mbeya, Tanzania

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Bosco David Mwakibinga

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December 2023

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About Me

About me
My name is Bosco David Mwakibinga, I was born in Mbeya region when we were 2 children. Unfortunately, my sister died early and left a child who I live with and educate.
I grew up in Mbeya-Tanzania and graduated 2015 a diploma of secondary Education with teaching subjects Geography and History.
When I was at collage , God helped me to pay fees for my own and to help my late sister's son to continue his studies due to the small projects I was doing including breeding and selling Phone and Computer Accessories in the community around me.
At first, I opened a project for the sale of Phone and Computer Accessories in the neighborhood where I live and continued to see the community's need for products from chicken farming such as meat and eggs that are used in social activities like ceremony, and I was able to start a chicken farming project through learning at farmers' exhibitions Tanzania, and started raising chickens without affecting the first activity of selling mobile devices.

My Business

My business
I started my business after graduating college in 2015, I did it at a low level due to lack of capital and coming from a family with a low income, I had to do labors to earn income for my family's employer. Where I continued with the business of Phone and Computer Accessories and when it arrived in 2022 I saw that the community has a need for the products of chickens farming, I learned through the farmers' exhibitions in Tanzania. Where I decided to help my family to set aside time to serve 100 chickens which are Hybrid (SASO) of one day and prepare them until they are old enough to send them to buyers who need meat and others to prepare them for eggs.
I spend four to six hours every day to monitor the progress of chickens in the barn to reduce the challenge of diseases and deaths, which has helped to improve the chicken products when the time comes to sell them, which helps to make a profit and improve the quality of life of my family.
I have many needs that I cannot meet because I don't have enough time, I would like to develop my projects to give opportunities to brothers and people in my community through breeding and distribution of chickens and eggs.

Project Proposal

My Project
Your loan will be a great help in increasing the number of chickens from 100 to 500 chickens because that number will increase employment opportunities for my family and community, where together we can serve and distribute chickens and eggs in needy communities.
I am asking for a loan of only three hundred thousand tsh (300000/=) which will help me develop and develop this chicken breeding project.
Thank you for your loan, because we can raise many chickens that will benefit my family from a poor income to a good one as well as the families of my fellow youths who I will have hired to run this project and will never stop improving our lives and society in general.





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Dec 12, 2023



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