Timothy Kimathi

Muriricua, Kenya

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Timothy Kimathi

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February 2013

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21 installments  •  29%

About Me

I am a pastor and a born again Christian by the name Timothy Wachira Kimathi ,I was born early nineteen fifty six (1956) in Nyeri district in central province at a village by the name Kaifei in Muranga ,my home location is well know as Chanai and our nearby center is Kaifei,When I was nine years old I joined our nearby pre unit nursery school in year nineteen sixty seven (1967) and after three year of schooling I graduated to class one in nineteen seventy(1970) and after eight years of my study I qualified for my Kenya Certificate of primary education (K.C .P.E) in year 1979, I did not manage to advance my primary education to a secondary level due to
some problem that was there at that time one being the nineteen eight two (1982) coup war that was there in that year again our parent at that time were not such serious with the education ,those are some of the factors among other which hinders me to complete up to secondary level though I had passed my primary examination.after staying home for long doing nothing I was forced to search for a job and lucky enough in year 1983 I was employed in one of the company by the name Sulmack company at Kiambu,after working there for one years I later decided to migrate to kiptagwanyi at Muriricua village and started to practice farming activities at my own piece of land. I am well know to many people especially at Kiptagwany town because of my mixed farming and due to my mobile bissiness of buying cereals as Which till now , in year 1986 I decided to have a family and married my wife by the name Mary Wangechi and blessed with 9 kid which I am their dairy bread winner ,two of them have completed up to secondary level and other two did not manage to continue to secondary level while the other are still in primary school at Kiptagwanyi primary and my last born David Wanjohi is still at nursery at Kahuho , I live in plot no 665 at Muriricua together with my entire family while I carry out my farminrg and my bissiness of cereals ,I lacked capital for my bissiness and it was from there that I decided to join one of the leading group by the name Elemetaita Interdenomination Pastors Felloship(ELEPH) where I am a member till now ,I am an active and a devoted Christian and a pastor of End Time Message Church kiptagwany and other Church which is within our area .

My Business

My bissinesss is located at Muriricua which about one and half kilometer from Kiptangwanyi trading center which is well know in our area and 12 kilometer from Elemetaita as you travel to Nakuru from my area Kiptagwanyi .Nakuru is our main and the largest town which. is approximetry 34 kilometer from Munanda .my bissiness is named as Watimo Grocery and cereals,it is well know at Muriricua and our neigh by towns and village like Kiambogo,Tangi Tano and other town because of my good services that I offer to my customers .the bissiness is a sole proprietor and I am the manager to the bisssiness but I have employed one lady who is qualified in dress making and one man for making men suit and trousers while I help them in making school uniform, the business was stated some year back in year 2003 this make my costomer to have trust in me because from that time I have never charged the position of this bissiness ,the bissinesss is located at a strategic position at our center thus attracting customers from all side ,my bossiness is profitable especially when I get a orders from varios institution like school and during various festivals like churches and also the bissiness does not undergo many expenses because cost of renting is house is less compared with the other town where the cost is high ,also our local county council for collecting tax is a bit cheaper. The bissiness is under the county council of Nakuru and it is insured against any risk that may occur, my monthly income is about 50000 ,my expenses is about 35000 including the salary to my workers and the remaining 15000 is my profit but I am planning to have and earn more,the main challage facing this bissiness is lack of capital to buy various material to cater customer demand.

Loan Proposal

Dear zidisha,i am very gland for approving my second loan,the previous loan boosted my bussiness and i got more profit,with this loan i am planing to be buying broilers within, my village which i wil be taking them to our nearby hotels,this is among the bussiness that are booming especially at this Christmas festivals when chicken meat is taken in most occations.





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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Dec 6, 2013

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Projected term

13 months

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