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Techimantia, Ghana

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May 2020

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About Me

I am Beatrice Afriyie born on 11th November, 1981 to Mr. Joseph Tih and Madam Mary Addo both from Techimantia. I am now married to Mr. Sameul Aforo a classroom teacher, business man and public speaker. I am a trader and currently produce detergent for sales and also sell frozen foods like ice kenkey, cocoa drink and soft drinks.

My Business

The main work I do now is detergent production. I produce detergent example bar soap, washing powder, shower gel and many more on large quantity for retailers and also sell some to direct consumers. The main source of my business income is money I saved for future before marriage and amount of money my father gave to me after my wedding ceremony and supported by my husband.

Loan Proposal

Because my main occupation is detergent production, i will use this loan to purchase raw materials for detergent production such as shower gel, bar soap, washing powder for sale to retailers for profit and I will also sell some my self after production. When I do this I will get profit to repay my loan.

Income Source

Covid 19 has done more harm than good to many business but some business such as hand sanitizers operators, detergent operators and others benefit alot. since my main work is production of soap, washing powder and parazone many people buy these items in time such as this just to protect their self from contracting Covid. Due to this i know i can repay the loan i am applying for.





  • Kirk Moore    Jul 22, 2020

    Thanks for paying back the loan in full and earlier than agreed. Good luck with your business!

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    • Beatrice    Jul 23, 2020

      Thanks too funding my loan and the trust, i know with Zidisha the future is bright and business will grow larger. Good luck in with funds!

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Classic Loan

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Jul 2, 2020

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On Time

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1 week


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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Jul 6, 2020


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