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Johnson Kamau

Nakuru, Kenya

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Johnson Kamau

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October 2016

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About Me

My name is Johnson.As a young boy growing up in Muhoroni(a small dusty town in Kisumu county-Kenya),I admired my parent source of income.They started off with a little shop with a handful of consumer goods.But with time it grew to be a wholesale shop catering for customers from far and wide.I have always wanted to do the same but capital has been a limitng factor for my small startup of making pastries for distribution to shops.

My Business

Through the help of Zidisha lenders and some financial help from friends and relatives, I have recently opened my small kiosk. In this kiosk I generally stock household goods such as sugar, soap, soda, petroleum jelly, pampers, margarine, snacks, tea leaves, salt, shoe polish to name but a few. One of the first selling commodities in my kiosk is bread. In one day one can sell upto 100 loaves of bread. Each loaf of bread retails at $0.5.I have been offered a bread distributor opportunity by one of the suppliers. For this reason I need to raise some capital so as to grab the opportunity quickly. I am kindly to zidisha lenders to fund me so that I can get this golden opportunity.I am requesting for funding of $12. From each loaf of bread I will be able to make a profit of $0.05.Part of this profit will go into repayment of my loan while part will go into growing the business and meeting my family expenses. The beauty of this opportunity is that the more aggressive I am in my sale the more the profit. The opportunity also takes away the hustle of preparing pastries like I used to do.

Loan Proposal

My journey with zidisha is developing into a beautiful story.I'm hoping it will turn out to be one of the many success stories that zidisha has created around the globe.Remembering my first loan of about $5 and the way it helped me add a packet of flour to my pastries business.My most recent loan was about $26.It helped me increase my production to about five times my first production.I am currently doing 20kg of wheat flour which produces about 800 pastries.Each pastry goes for $0.04 giving me a turnover of $32.The profit after expenses ranges between $8-10.We can sell this in one or two days at most.With my new loan I will be able to increase this production to 1500 pastries.This will result in a turnover of $60.The profit will increase significantly to about $14.This will me and my family meet our daily needs and may be even have some little savings.Thank to all the lenders that have always supported me in zidisha.Be blessed abundantly





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Classic Loan

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Sep 10, 2017

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On Time

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12 months




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