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About Me

I am Felix Kweku Acquah the last child of Mr and Mrs Acquah. I am from Central Region of Ghana. Born into a family of six. I attended Methodist Basic School. And proceeded to Presbyterian Senior High school all in Techiman which I studied general science . My father died when I was five years old so I raised by my mother and my siblings. From high school I continued to teacher training college which I pursued science and maths. I completed in 2013.
When my father died, things became difficult for me especially me education. So I spend additional two years to my days in basic school. Due to that I joined a construction company immediately I completed basic school to help finance my high school. During high school days things became tough for me so I used to stay out from school just to work for money to support my schooling throughout to college. I sometimes work with my brother in a printing press. I went through hell before being able to complete school.
Through my days in school I could not buy even a single textbook to enhance my education. S o I made it a dream to do what I can to make items needed for effective learning most especially exercise and text books available to students in the cheapest price. After completing college I decided to start the business.
The area I am living in is a land rich in minerals which is good for agriculture . We have rich culture. We have a festival which everyone has the power to whatever went wrong during the past year even to the King.
My hobby is sports most especially football and volleyball. I was the sport prefect in my basic school. A member of the football team of my high school. I was also the volleyball captain when I was u college which I formed part of the regional volleyball team. We won silver in two occasions in colleges games(COESA).

My Business

The business will comprise of publishing exercise books sketchpads and text books. First of all will I start will start with the exercise books and sketchpads.
After completing training college, I was posted to a rural area. In there it is difficult for students to get such of these items. Some use previous exercise books which is even ditto -rated. Sometimes you find class three text book in class six bag. The scarcity of these books is as a result of far distance between the rural areas to the urban centres. This makes the students to buy any book available to them even if the book in in relevant. Therefore it is in high demand in these rural areas and the aim is to target those areas.
I choose this particular business due to what I went through as a child with on materials needed for learning which I was not able to exhibit my full potentials. And also what even motivated me is the stress the students in the rural areas go through. And also the knowledge I have in printing when I was working with my brother.
I estimated to print 30,000exercise books and 10,000 sketchpads which will costGHS20,000 ($4,800). But due financial constrain I scaled it down to GHS5,000 ($ 1,200) which will print 7,500 exercise books and 2,500 sketchpads. As a teacher I have saved some of my salary for this project.
Since my initial capital was not met I will invest the profit in expanding the business.

Loan Proposal

In my first loan, I used it to manufacture 1000 exercise books and 4000 sketchpads which we distributed to the various schools. Due to the affordability of the books, it is in high demand. So if this loan is granted I will use it to buy inner and cover for the exercise books and sketchpads costing $240.
Since printing involves others this create employment to others. During distribution motors and vehicles are hired and it also brings some kind of income to them. Moreover the students in which the items are targeted will reduce cost due to the affordability of the books. They will not also travel far distance before getting these items.
This will also help me to accomplish my desire to real animals which I have already constructed where the animals will sleep.
This loan will help me to manufacture additional 2000 exercise books and 500 sketchpads. This will give me estimated profit of $72.





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Oct 26, 2017

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