Expand my motorbike taxi business and create employment

Noel Ziro

Majengo, Kenya

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Noel Ziro

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March 2013

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146 installments  •  72%

About Me

my names are Noel nyanje ziro a resident here at majengo. I have a humble background. Am a married man with three children, a boy and two girls. Am the last born of 11 siblings. My dad died the same year of my birth. This was very hard for my mum since she was a house wife. I got sponsored by my church through the ordinary level of education. Then i kept and sold poultry. I saved some money which i payed for a drivers licence. With my driving licence i ventured into transport business. I was hired to ride motorbikes for a transpory company. I saved money and bought my own motorbike, the one in my profile picture. I want to thank zidisha who have always come in handy whenever i needed money to buy spares for my motorbike. This business has enabled me to pay for my wifes collage fees. She is doing a degree in mt. Kenya unniversity. She is studing bachelor of education in early childhood. In my culture women are supposed to be housewifes but me and my wife decided to break that culture thats why am empowering my wife with higher education. My children are also having formal education. The boy wants to be a teacher like his mum, while the two girls want to be a doctor and a pilot respectively. During my free time i mentor teens. I have a group of teens i call them 'the ambassadors of christ' I counsel and guide them to be good citizen, i teach them christian values. Again i thank zidisha for the previous loans. I want to buy a new motorbike but my savings of ksh 65 thousands are not enough. Another loan will help me buy a new motorbike. My current profit are no longer sufficient. School fees and collage fees have increased prompting the need for more earnings. i know zidisha will be my angel again. God bless all my lenders.

My Business

my business is of( boda boda) motor bike transport here at majengo. i do transport passengers from one destination to another as well as luggage too. this business is on high demand here at majengo because it is affordable and it had been one of the door to door means of transport this is why it is on well demand.most of my clients like boarding my motorbike because i do provide a safety jackets and helmet to the passenger to wear when on board. my monthly running cost is Kenya shillings 2,500. and my monthly sales collection is Kenya shillings 15,000 per month. this is now giving me a monthly profit of Kenya shilling 12,500 per month. I also pay kenya shilings 15000 a year to the government as revenue.

Loan Proposal

- buy one passanger helment ksh. 3500 = 35 USD.
-buy one riders helment ksh 3500= 35 USD.
- buy one passanger reflactor jacket ksh. 1000 = 10 USD.
- buy one riders reflactor jacket ksh. 1000 = 10 USD.
- pay one year comprehensive insurence fee. Ksh. 20,000 = 200 USD.
- buy a pair of riders boots. Ksh. 5000 = 50 USD.
-pay one year revenue fee ksh. 15,000 = 150 USD.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 30, 2016

Repayment status


Projected term

9 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $21.67




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