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Nancy Omanwa

Makongeni, Kenya

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Nancy Omanwa

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November 2014

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About Me

I am a 28 years old Graduate of a Bachelors degree in Commerce. I am the first born in a family of three. I lost my father 12 years ago when I was just completing my high school and since then life has not been the same for my mother and my two brothers. One of my brothers who is the second born aged 25 years suffered from Downs syndrome when young schooled in a special needs institution. the reality in my country is that special needs schools are very expensive and all through my brother's journey has been financially and emotionally draining for my whole family ever since my father passed on.
As the first born I had to step up and it is this that has driven me to follow my passion by starting small business to make an extra penny to support the family. Being passionate about Fashion and Beauty, I started a small business that sells second hand ladies' clothing. I started out my business in 2014 where I spent majority of my time doing the sales whenever I was out of class so as to support myself at the University and also support my family.

My Business

First and foremost allow me to thank Zidisha community for believing in me and lending me finances to start my small hawking business. The journey has not been easy but I thank God for the far that I have come. I started off my business in 2014 while I was in campus by hawking and selling inner wears for the ladies part time while studying for my degree. My business originally was on the sale of ladies inner wears from 2014 to 2017.I used to sell outside my campus in a shade and at times I hawked within the university and this greatly reduced the operation costs since I did not pay any shop rent.
On average I made sales of up to 35 USD daily of which 20 USD is profit that is good enough to at least sustain me at school and also I save up to held my mother pay my fee.
Currently, from 2018 to date, I managed to expand my clothing business from ladies' inner wears to all kinds of ladies clothing from dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses. Additionally, I managed to rent a big shop space that can accommodate both the ladies clothing and ladies saloon. By doing so I was able to create employment to two ladies hairdressers paid based on commission who work in my shop while I sell ladies clothing.
My struggle now with the current economy is that am in need of a loan to finance stock of hair braids, hair accessories and also stocking of ladies clothing.
I believe this is the right platform to help me continue growing my dreams to not only better my life but also the lives of others around me by creating more job opportunities.

Loan Proposal

When I get the loan i intend to open up 3 other satellite shops of which 2 will continue to sell the ladies inner wears and 1 that will now start selling men and ladies clothes including sweater tops, dresses and trousers. To start up the inner wear businesses around the surrounding universities, This is because the student population is huge in the public universities and the students prefer the purchase of cheap and quality inner wears. Out of the 235 USD that I seek to borrow, I will invest a capital of 70 USD to each of the businesses for inventory and also to acquire the umbrellas that act as the shelter for the businesses each worth 15 USD. this totals to an investment of 140 USD to the two inner wear cloth businesses. The remaining 95 USD I will invest it in my third business that is the sale of the clothes for both ladies and the gents that will be located close to my current business for ease in management. Relying on the research that i have done so far, this will increase my weekly earnings by 160% and will greatly be of use to support me through school and also to support my siblings since my mother who is widowed is really struggling supporting my brothers on her own. It will also offer employment opportunities to 3 ladies to get a chance to earn a living.






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Classic Loan

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Feb 10, 2015

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54 months




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