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Nairobi, Kenya

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March 2015

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About Me

My name is Stephen and was born in Murang'a County and schooled in rural area till i finished my O-level in 2004.
In 2005 i came to Nairobi where my cousin was staying.We stayed with him for sometime before i looked for my own house and during one of those days i talked to one guy in the neighbourhood and introduced me to hawking of handbags.
After some months of hawking in the estates i decided to look for a small stall so that i could hang those bags there for easy display.
Right now am based in Roysambu where i have rented medium stall where i hang my stock in the morning and in the evening i remove them and carry them to a store nearby.
In our land every man beleives he must work hard to depend oneself.
My dream is that my children could have access to education upto A-level.
My biggest hobby is travveling and observing new areas for bussiness.
Am a member of Arsenal Kenya group which we hold charity events once in 3 months and doing community work around the country.

My Business

Dear Lenders my bussines involves buying and selling of handbags,schoolbags,laptop bags,slim bags,college bags,travveling bags,wallets and crutch bags.
The demand for the bags depends on the season,for schoolbags and college bags their demand is high when schools and colleges are about to open for a new term or semester.For travvelings bags demand is high during festive seasons.
For the others like handbags their demands depends on the time of the month.
Main reason for starting this kind of bussiness it was the first thing i did since i thought of practising bussines and so far so good.
During day to day running of this bussines i have to pay for rent,city council rates and storage for the goods.Revenue for the bussines comes from sales made during a certain duration.
The little profit i get from my bussines i save them with an investment group and adding of stock after all expenses.
I also joined a group of young people known as Appreciating our parents in which we visit one parent/guardian per month where we share our stories and as we leave we contribute something to be left at that home we have visited.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders first for all is to thank the Zidisha team and lenders for this opportunity.
When my loan is fully funded i will use it for expanding my stall which will cost 40 US Dollars and after expanding will add stock worth 25 US Dollars.
When my bussines grows i will be able to employ another one person, repay the loan and my savings increase.
After expansion and adding of extra stock increase in sales and profit percentage to go up to 45 %.





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Classic Loan

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Apr 22, 2015

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On Time

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2 months




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