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Christian John Mabula

Moshi, Tanzania

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Christian John Mabula

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October 2023

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About Me

My name is Christian John, I am 30 years of Age by now, I was born in Tabora Region but now I live in Kilimanjaro region (Moshi town). I am the only child in my family and growing up with a single parent gave me much motivation on working hard and taking care of people close to me. By now I am married to my beautiful wife Grace, and we are so blessed to have a baby boy( Patrick) who is 2 years of age now. I took my studies from primary level to advanced level in Kilimanjaro region, a place where it's cold in weather and somehow this came to turn out to be a chance for me to start my small business one year ago of clothing and mostly dealing with beddings ( Blangets, pillow covers and mattress) this is due to the climatic condition found in my area and most people tend to purchase these products , I saw this as an opportunity for my community to benefit through what am selling due to the weather of kilimanjaro.

My Business

It has been a year and months since I started my good good business of clothing ( Beddings), I have rented a place in a local market here in Kilimanjaro ( Moshi town) a market called Maimoria, this is where I sell my products to both customers and also other sellers of my type of business , I usually buy balies of Beddings and open every Tuesday , the market business is usually four days a week Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but I only open new balies on Tuesday this is because of the low purchasing power of new balies every market day, my customers have increase and the market Is expanding this is because of introducing my business to outside world the digital world where I have a social media account of Instagram ( Beddings_Moshi), this has helped me gain more customers outside my local shop , now it is becoming a heavy load to me to reach out both customers with their demand, I thought of employing one person to distribute my products to the outside market not only the local market in order to reach my outside customers. The market is expanding day by day and I need to keep truck with the flow by employing a worker and buying new balies every market day, this will really boost my family in terms of provision of basic needs and also growing business to employ another helper. My customers will be very satisfied if I am able to bring new products every market day for them to use at home and also the sellers to have new products to sell in outside regions.

Project Proposal

Your consideration in this loan application of 300,000Tsh would help me boost the business by buying new beddings balies atleast every market day, This balie will help my customers to experience different products every day of the market and as well as potential small business people also will be able to buy from me with new products every market day. Also this will make me hire a new employee in order to distribute my products to the outside market while am at the local market. I think by increasing an employee I will have helped both sides my side in terms of improving my family condition for the basic needs, because I have rent and bills to pay which all depend on this business, I will also empower the person I hire in terms of financial status. "Join Our Expedition:
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Thank you so much for taking time to read all this and may you consider my loan application as a boost to both parties customers, my family and employee family. Thank you once again.





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Nov 7, 2023


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