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Embu University, Kenya

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August 2018

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About Me

My bio; Alfred Osiemo Makwaye aged 20,student in the University of Embu...

Am still schooling in the campus under the school of business in statistics..
I'm also a young entrepreneur... I own small fast food tuk financial help from Zidisha will boost my small business
In need of a finance support to be boosting my studies in the university too.

My Business

The funds will help me boost my degree studies together with my small business

Loan Proposal

Enhance profit maximisation through hiring now skilled labour.
Using it to add stock and equipments and repair or maintain the worn ones.
Use it to advertise the business to continue holding the competitive drive..
Use it too to hire an innovator to give more skills so as to maximise qualities of food I am to sell and other skills necessary.
Use it too to introduce preservatives in the business to enhance good storage and limit spoil.
Use it too to expand my business' wealth in the case that I will also expand quantity to sell and other new varieties available in the market.





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Classic Loan

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Oct 12, 2018

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On Time

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4 weeks



San Francisco, United States


Fristad, Sweden

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Nov 1, 2018


Fully repaid

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Oct 22, 2018 $5.32 Nov 1, 2018 $5.32
Oct 29, 2018 $5.32 Nov 1, 2018 $5.32
Nov 5, 2018 $5.32 Nov 1, 2018 $5.32
Nov 12, 2018 $5.31 Nov 1, 2018 $5.31