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About Me

Mr. Collins Boahen is a young entrepreneur and a farmer. I am 29years of old and a graduate from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He professes sound knowledge in agricultural discipline. Collins Boahen has expertise in fish farming and livestock production. I started livestock rearing at a teenage boy when my family were into maize and watermelon farming. I developed an interest in goats and sheep rearing. I started goat farming in 2012 when I entered the University of Cape Coast, Ghana but was not easy at the initial stage but now count about 50 goats and 20 sheep.
After my university education, I had only 10 male goats and 5 female goats. But during my mandatory national service period, I managed to increase the female goats to 15 and also purchased 5 female sheep.
Techiman (and Ghanaians as a whole) like live animals and that have increased my desire to venture into other animal farming productions. I have now gone through some entrepreneurship programs into fish farming especially catfish and tilapia production and have now constructed four ponds, which can stock about 6000 fishes.
I have about 1000 layers poultry and are now laying. I do not have children for now but am into this farming with my wife and hope that my children will join this business in the near future.

My Business

I am into animal farming with concentration in poultry, catfish and Tilapia, Sheep and Goat farming. The main reason for the rearing of these animals is that they are lucrative business, and also is a way of providing food to the community and the country as a whole. I started animal farming as a teenage boy and chose this path because I wanted to be self- sufficient rather than looking up to the government for employment after my mandatory National Service.
The main cost of my business includes:

1. Maize for my poultry
2. Feeding for the catfish and Tilapia
3. Electricity provision
4. 2 farm workers salary

I mostly earned my revenue through the following:
1. Sale of Poultry eggs
2. Sale of Poultry birds
3. Annual sale of both goats and sheep

Most of my profits earned from the business are reinvested into the farming. I have now acquired my own 2Hectors of land which I which to move my animals into. I have also being using portion of the profits for home improvement and payment of other expenses as and when they arises.

Loan Proposal

I will be using the amount granted to me to buy feed for my poultry birds. This will help them grow well as they are at the stage of laying eggs.

Income Source

Although the Covid-19 have impacted businesses negatively, i will be able to repay off the loan through the sales of poultry eggs. Revenue from them will be used to pay off the loan as soon as possible.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 4, 2021

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4 months




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