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About Me

My name is Maureen Chisanga and I live in Kabanana township in Lusaka . I did primary school at Chipata Basic School and qualified for high school level at Kabanana Secondary School.

I obtained a grade 12 school certificate. Zambia is a country regarded as one of the poorest countries in Africa located in Southern Africa.

It is not easy to find a job or employment. Many of its resort to engage in business. Life for me was not easy when I completed school,
I started working as a shop keeper in one of the Indian shop in the city of Kitwe, I worked there for 3 years and raised some money to sponsor myself to go into Collage.

At the moment I hold a Diploma in Agro Business and Accounting Technician Certificate. Due to lack of employment, I borrowed some money through citizen empowerment to start up a business in poultry business and livestock raring.

So far I have learnt that in life you have to be focused and not to lose hope, to achieve important goals you need to work hard to overcome hardship that has robbed many of their life potentials.
I only wish to educate my children so that they can unlock the destiny through education by going to study in the University.

My Business

Poultry business which is the main source of income. I sell chickens broilers, layers and eggs. Chickens are consumables in most places such as restaurant's, takeaway and many homes today in our country.
Hence the market is readily available and demand is very high. I choose poultry farming because it profitable and sustainable despite in some instances where during the time of raring these due to lack of drugs some end up dyeing.
For 500 broilers I need about ZMW 15,000 including all the necessary drugs and stocks.
For 2000 layers, I need about ZMW 10,000.00 including chicken drugs and stock feed.
My project budget in total is ZMW 35,000.00 and my turn over profit after sales comes to ZMW 50,000.00 as increase.
However, these profits made I use the them for reinvestment, home improvement, pay rentals, pay school fees for my children and save some money in my bank account for future use.

Project Proposal

Am requesting for this loan to buy broiler chicken stock feeds. I need to buy 5 bags of stock feeds so that the broiler can grow well and harvest a good production of broiler chickens. For now the broiler chickens are two weeks old and I want the chickens to grow big in readiness for sale. Once I buy the stock feeds it will help me to have a good production of chickens and generate more profits. I also want to increase production from 300 to 1000 broiler chickens for the next 6 weeks in readiness for sale.

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Feb 18, 2024: Two week old chickens in poultry





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