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Berekum, Ghana

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March 2015

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I am Bernice Boakyewaa a twenty-six year old female teacher.I hail from Botokrom a small town near Berekum but stays in Berekum.I am married with one daughter.I grew up with my parents and as farmers I had to assisting them on their farm as well as schooling.Schooled at Botokrom M\A primary and JHS and upon completion, I had an admission to further at Our Lady of Providence Senior High school in the same region.Here as a student,I offered Business Studies as a course and had a very good intention of furthering at a university where I could actualize my dreams of becoming a good business administrator or manager but due to high financial demands of such courses,my parents could not afford and I had to therefore divert and be trained as a teacher which was comparatively low.Being a business oriented person,I did not relinquish my plans and after completion of my education at the teacher's college of education and started my own business of bakery with the help of the savings i had made out of my monthly salary.The people around have been helpful and are more ready to be given the opportunity to sell.My little girl who has started schooling will be a nurse if i wish pending her own choice.I spend my pastime at watching movies and excursions.

My Business

I am into bakery of bread,cakes and sweet bars. These pastries are patronize by people all around. Some women come in the morning to buy the already baked pastries to send to the various markets where they are in high demands. I chose this business because aside it been profitable to me it also provides employment to others in my community and also I am able to do it smoothly along side my teaching profession without any interfering the other. Due to the high cost of flour,oil and other ingredients needed I am not able to produce as more as is demanded in the area. I intend to expand this business and employ more people as possible. The accrued profits is reinvested in the business.

Loan Proposal

I will want to purchase some flour to aid my baking business.As indicated earlier the first loan helped very much in the business.I will be buying some flour to help in baking more of the pastries.I will be able to buy a bag of flour and some oil for about 100 dollars.My ability to purchasing these items will really help in baking more and as such get a profit of about 20 dollars after sails.it will therefore go a long way in expanding the business.






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Classic Loan

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Jul 6, 2015

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6 weeks


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Sep 3, 2015


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