Selling doughnuts and samosas at a bus station

Agnes Mweru Wambugu

Mtaani Village, Kenya

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Agnes Mweru Wambugu

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November 2012

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19 installments  •  53%

About Me

I am Agnes Mweru Wambugu and I am a single mother of two boys. One is in Dista secondary school (form three) and the other is in Savannah primary school (class two). They are good students. My business helps to pay the secondary school fees. Those are about twenty thousand shillings for every term. Primary education is now compulsory and free in Kenya but there are still costs like uniforms and school supplies. We live together in a single room house in Mtaani, near the center or Kilifi town. I was born in Nyeri in the Central province of Kenya close to Mount Kenya. I am forty years old. I started my business in Kilifi five years ago with another loan from a bank in Mombasa but at a high interest rate. I was grateful to learn about Zidisha as a way to expand my business. Right now I just operate from my home and just walk around the matatu stage to sell the food I cook, but I will be able to set up a duka in a good location to help increase my customers. I am looking at places that are also close by the stage because there are always many people.

My Business

I have been in my business for the last five years. I deal with food business whereby I cook at a small kiosk outside my house and hawk the food at the nearby matatu station (Kilifi stage). I sell mahamri and mandazi and samosas and sometimes special viazi, depending on what my customers like the best. This is where all the travelers stop in Kilifi on big travel buses, the regular matatus, and the taxis and boda-boda (motorbikes) also. On average I serve at least forty customers every day. With this loan I can be assisted to re-locate my business to a more strategic place so that there I can cook and at the same time sell, since I am not able to do that at the place I am currently. I can only sell what I can cook at carry just one time in the morning. The loan used to start the business had a high interest. I hope to find a location also near the stage to take advantage of all the people there. This will increase capacity which I am not able to do at the moment. This business supports me and my two sons, since I am a single parent. I must pay for their school – fees for the boy in secondary and school uniforms for both. They have been good students and I hope they will have a better education to prepare them to have better

Loan Proposal

Thank you so much for this another chance of loan application. I will use this loan to add more stock in my food kiosk business and I had wanted to add beverages and with this loan I think I will be able to it. I will use this loan to market my business and hopefully by the end of this month I will have more than enough customers. I am at a strategic position just around the pwan university at Kilifi and students have tendency of wanting cold drinks and with this loan I will be able to serve them with cold drinks.
Thank you so much God bless you much as you prepare to fund me.
Thank you.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Mar 20, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $98.92 at 0.50% annual rate over 2 months = $0.09

Service fee: $0.61

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