Maize distribution

Peter Ngetich Cherotich

Nakuru Town, Racecourse Estate, Kenya

15% paid forward



Peter Ngetich Cherotich

Member since

February 2013

On-time repayments

60 installments  •  47%

About Me

I am a second born in a family of two children , brought up by a single parent. I live in Nakuru but my mother lives in Eldoret. My brother who is first born lives in Mombasa. We have adopted 3 children who don't have parent, We provide them with Basic needs like cloths, food, education ,shelter etc.
My current resident is Nakuru Town Racecourse. I am a business person as well as employed as an accountant at a sacco called NASU TRAVELLERS SACCO LTD here in Nakuru.
I am an accountant by profession having done CPA , degree in finance and currently studying masters in MBA at JKUAT Nakuru branch part time basis.
I started hardware business (handling things like roofing sheets, nails, binding wires, barbed wires, mesh wires etc.) 2 years ago. Mostly i deal with orders and supply to potential supplies. Before i started my business i realized that society is a growing nation, having come from a poor family, living and grown up in a thatched rainy hut there is need to provide better and cheaper materials for better shelter. Never again shall families suffer living in a thatched rainy hut like what i went through. My mother was just but a peasant farmer and really struggled to provide our basic needs. I have been working hard to ensure improved living conditions to all. My other main aim is to get enough funds to help the poor in the society. The main challenge has been getting enough capital to improve my business. Some local institution charge high interest rate to borrowers which shy away business people like me. Mostly i restock with my returns. I use my earning to support 3 children who are orphaned but are under our care. I also support myself in my education and our family in general. If i get enough funding i am sure my business will expand to my prayers. Please do assist me. I promise to utilize the funds well and repay on time. Thank you

My Business

I am dealing with hardware products which include roofing sheets, roofing nails. Binding wires, barbed wires, paints etc. Started my business like 2 years ago. I have always tried to expand it but not to my expectation due to shortage of funds. I sell my goods at reasonable prices so that common mwananchi who is poor can afford. Most of my competitors charge high prices targeting super normal profits in disregard of the poor who get money in a hard way. My niche is the poor people, i target them through reasonable prices. I do this market segment and through my analysis i find that most customers prefer to buy my products. My margin of profit is very minimal but considering my turnover due to many customers who prefer my products i end up getting better profits than my competitors who charge high prices but very few customers. My core value is to take competitive advantage.
Below is my previous month performance

SALES 295400
O. STOCK 354500
C. STOCK 390500
C.O.S. 150,000

G. PROFIT 145400

RENT 10000
WAGES 28500


I wish to borrow USD 1500 at an interest of 5 % , repayment period one. The fund will indeed help me boost my capital and achieve my target. I promise to pay the fund in full with fail. Thank you.

Project Proposal

Maize has become a very scarce commodity , of which it's a necessity food item in the society. Most of the people has no access to this very important food stuff. The prices are also very high and most vulnerable communities cannot afford. Therefore my main responsibilities is to seek for funding. These funds will help me buy more maize bags especially from remote areas and supply them to the vulnerable communities at a lower prices.






Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 17, 2023


Francis Kasamika

Kitwe, Zambia

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