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February 2017

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About Me

l am Gertrude Bett who is 30 years old. I am a young entrepreneur who lives in Eldoret, Kenya. I am from a single mother who has three children including me. My father died while we were small children. My mother had to raise us single handed without a source of income. I remember a lot of times we used to go without food. Completing school was even a bigger hurdle. I believe these are the reasons why I work so hard. I started my business from funds my relatives and friends contributed and that is why I appreciate help from others.

My Business

I deal with timber and timber products. I sell sawed timber to the building industry and also to local carpenters. In my timber yard I also make furniture at an order. I have a pick up truck that enables me to deliver products to my clients as an after sale service at a fee of course. My core business is the resale of timber which I purchase from saw millers. The challenge I face is for fuelling a lorry to deliver the timber to my yard. Which after buying the timber I remain with so little funds to cover all my costs. A little extra funds will go a long way in assisting my business.

Loan Proposal

I intend to purchase Diesel to fuel my lorry to deliver client's product to its destination. the fuel costs at around 90ksh per litre. the client usually pays on delivery and that's how I intend to repay the loan. the loan would add value to my business since I will not miss an opportunity to do business just because I don't have fuel in my circle. this will make me do even more jobs which otherwise I would not have been able to do and it will therefore increase my income capabilities.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 21, 2017

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On Time

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5 weeks



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  • Getrude    Mar 15, 2018

    I kindly thank you for funding my loan.

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  • Getrude    Jan 20, 2018

    I am going to buy fuel in order to facilitate transportation of my products to customers. I am wholeheartedly thankful to my financiers for standing with me.

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  • Powered by me    Jan 18, 2018

    Hi Gertrude,

    will definitely contribute to your next request.



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  • Getrude    Jan 4, 2018

    I am really thankful for the loan you extended to me. it really went a long to assist me with my business. I salute you sir.

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