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Derrick Munene

Thika, Kenya

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Derrick Munene

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July 2015

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About Me

My name is derrick gitari.after my undergraduate in 2010,wherei did my bachelors in computer science,i decided to secure my career and get a job at the local ministry here in Kenya. after a year working ,the company due to huge wage bill,decided to pull some staff down and i was part of the shakeup decided to travel back to my home and stay with my mother.during this stay, my mother acquired this "thing" called a poker vibrator(i learnt the name after seeing how much it earned),she used to hire it out often.months went buy and she bought a concrete mixer which with the poker were a hot cake mother has been my inspiration because she started from the bottom and went to the male dominated industry which is the construction business.after learning that for about six months,I decided to venture in my own business, but hey where were funds going to come from?with my small savings at the bank, I had the chance to purchase a poker vibrator

My Business

My business is under the construction category where I have a registered company under the name Tonga Nene has walk been a walk in the park but sometimes one has to look at the bigger picture rather than the misfortunes one has to face. in my possession I have the following.
 2 poker vibrators
 7 wheelbarrows
 25 trappers
I have been in contact with site managers here and there and with my consistency I have managed to be hiring the vibrators a consistence 4 times a week ,trappers go for around three times a week have talked to the local banks but none is willing to listen to me. Below is a draft on how much money I make in a bad month.
 2 poker vibrators each @$22 per day=$173 per week=$695 per month
 25trappers @$2 per trapper=$200per week =$800 per month

I would like to purchase the following CONCTERE MIXER, WATER PUMP, AND A HOIST CANE .THEY ALL CAME TO A TOTAL OF $5500

The expenses I get from my equipments including maintenance, storage and transportation will not exceed $108.

Loan Proposal

One of the hardest things in the construction industry is getting your machines to the site and getting the job done currently do not own a pickup and if there is something i would like to own by the end of 2016 is a pickup.this will ease my transportation costs by almost half and will make me more flexible to be at sites on time rather than looking for someone to carry my machines,beacuse this really takes time and my plan is to get my second loan,plough it all to my business in the sense that I will be saving every coin that I get so that when I finish this loan in the next couple of months and qualify for another one,I will be in a position to buy a used pickup for a start for my business .





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Jan 8, 2016

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4 months

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