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Samuel Karugu

Banana, Kenya

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Samuel Karugu

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June 2014

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104 installments  •  69%

About Me

Hi, I am Sammy Karugu, been in the online writing business for the past 9 years. I deal in web content writing which is a great job with regard to the job situation in my country. I graduated from Chuka University with a degree in B.A. Economics and Sociology.

Since I graduated, I have been involved in a couple of things with friends and different organizations. It is through these involvements that I have been able to earn skills in Air Conditioners' installations as well as structured cabling installations and laying of other IT related infrastructure.

My Business

Having learnt about the Air Conditioners installation, structured cabling & fiber installations, and having established a couple of networks, I am confident I will get business and will be the new norm for me. I will have a new way of complementing my online writing gig and get some more money to venture into new business or grow this new business.

Why my products move?

Since many business in the country are embracing technology, a local area network is mandatory which means they will need my structured cabling services or fiber installation. As we all know, internet is all you need to get the technology you need. With this in mind and having met and interacted with the right people and contractors, I will get a couple of sub-contracting businesses from time to time.

What I currently need is typically a tool box. I need 2 hand drills, a few spanners and drill bits. these will cost me about 60,000 Kenyan Shillings but with a loan from you guys and savings I believe I will be good to go.

With a job worth about 20,000 Kenyan Shillings, my expenses will be about 60% and the rest will be profit which I will use to repay my loan here and in the long run I will be able to re-invest in the business and buy more tools and built capacity to the level I will be able to cater to a whole contract worth hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Project Proposal

I will get more stock for the shop. Paracetamols, Antibiotics, Painkillers, Cough syrups and antihistamine . I was fortunate to get more inventory, which is circulating well. Every two weeks I get new stock and this loan will help me continue doing this until the shop breaks even. I will get a helper to cover the shop when I am not available which will help stabilize sales.






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Pay It Forward

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Nov 5, 2023



Joseph Hwang

Houston, United States

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