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Alexander Karisa

Mombasa, Kenya

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Alexander Karisa

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November 2017

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About Me

Iam Alexander Karisa 32years old living in Mombasa county in a small town called Vok just near the Kongowea market. I would like to own an entertainment label one day. To nurture and develop talents both locally and internationally. I have always been interested in arts especially developing talents be it acting, music, performing arts. its my passion to always create something unique from the simplest of things.

My Business

I have been developing my home studio since 2016. I plan to make it a major recording label in the future. I currently do small commercial advertisements for small local radio stations. I chose this kind of business because its my absolute passion and love arts since i was young.

Loan Proposal

Hello lenders, I hope to get a loan so as to be able to reach my goal for buying my studio piano which I began a while back. I usually use the loan for my daily expenses while the profit I make goes to shavings for the major equipments I intend to buy

My Videos

Aug 29, 2022: My work website





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Aug 2, 2018

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Service fee: $1.40

Credit risk payment: $5.60



Barcelona, Spain



United States


Michigan, United States

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Sep 2, 2018


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Aug 13, 2018 $6.65 Sep 2, 2018 $6.65
Aug 20, 2018 $6.65 Sep 2, 2018 $6.65
Aug 27, 2018 $6.65 Sep 2, 2018 $6.65
Sep 3, 2018 $6.65 Sep 2, 2018 $6.65
Sep 10, 2018 $6.63 Sep 2, 2018 $6.63