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Richard Frempong

Apam, Ghana

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Richard Frempong

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March 2021

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25 installments  •  84%

About Me

I am Richard Frempong 30 years old man married with 3 kids and working as a professional nurse . I have work for the past four years for Ghana Health Service. I work in a CHPS(Community Health-base Planning Services) compound in Gomoa , a rural community in the central region of Ghana. Majority of the population have no or little knowledge on communicable and non communicable diseases, prevention and treatment.
I have a humble beginning from a village in the eastern region of Ghana. My parents were typical peasant farmers who lived on our meagre farm produce we get upon continuous cultivation.
It was difficult for my parents seeing us through school and at a young age I needed to take the task of seeing myself through senior high school after Jhs, with support from some benevolent persons in our neighbourhood.
I had a dream of becoming a doctor and my family thought it cannot be since no one has ever gone beyond JHS not to talk of becoming a doctor.
In a succinct, I completed Senior High education, learnt how to drive and became a taxi driver.
4 years after driving, with my little savings, I purchased nursing forms and enrolled to the nursing training college. I faced a lot of financial difficulties in school but managed to merge schooling and doing petty jobs to be able to complete Nursing. I passed by the grace of God.
Hard work has been my backbone from infancy and I am stopping at nothing to ensure my childhood dreams become a reality.

My Business

As a nurse working in the rural communities in Ghana, I often meet a lot of people who are oblivious of the health and suffer a lot of complications from preventable and non communicable diseases. Some of these diseases are diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. I therefore endeavoured to help avert this situation.
I established a diabetes and hypertension corner where daily screening is done for both the sick and the healthy.
I provide daily screening of blood sugar and blood pressure as part of routine screening at the clinic.
I used different channels to communicate the importance of screening your self at the clinic. I used the community information centres(community radio), churches, mosque, the market place and one on one during house to house visitation, as a mechanism for promoting Health.

I also manage an over the counter medical store(local pharmacy) where I stock essential medications to administer to the communities I serve.

Loan Proposal

As a nurse working in the community, a primary health facility, I realise how many among the community folks suffer from diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
My main goal is to purchase glucometer with its strips to run a diabetes and hypertension clinic and general screening for the population on daily basis for a maximum of 5days.

Income Source

Every screening for blood sugar cost Ghc 5 , hence , with a daily minimum of 20 clients presenting themselves for screening, within a week I am able to make ghc 500 or more .
It will therefore not be a problem repaying the loan given me.

My Videos

Apr 30, 2021: Richard frempong saving lives






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 21, 2021

Repayment status


Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $1.77

Credit risk payment: $4.68






Kirk Moore

Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain

Brian Herrmann

Chicago, United States


Redmond, Washington, United States

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  • Emmanuel Gyamfi    Dec 11, 2021

    Richard said he will soon repaid

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  • Emmanuel Gyamfi    Nov 10, 2021

    Richard said he promised to complete the repayment soon

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  • Richard Frempong    Oct 17, 2021

    I managed to deposit Ghc 7 today.
    Promise to complete the rest.

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  • Richard Frempong    Oct 17, 2021

    My sincere apologies family. I never expected to hit this iceberg in life but it happened.
    I'm doing all I can to get back on my feet and as you've known me for being consistent will never sieze to be. Thank you for your patience.

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  • Emmanuel Gyamfi    Oct 7, 2021

    Richard promise to resume repayment soon

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  • Richard Frempong    Sep 27, 2021

    Hello family, I'm very sorry for being absent sine my last deposit in September 5th. This was not deliberate but as a result of circumstances beyond me that I faced at work. I'm receding from the pressures and will start repayment. Accept my heartfelt apology.

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  • Richard Frempong    Sep 5, 2021

    I have deposited Ghc 60 as repayment of my loan I took. Will keep on updating lenders.

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  • Richard Frempong    Aug 28, 2021

    I am currently undergoing some studies and will not be available to see to business myself .

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  • Richard Frempong    Aug 22, 2021

    I have made a deposit of Ghc 78.00 toward my loan repayment.

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  • Richard Frempong    Aug 15, 2021

    My installment has not been split on weekly basis hence the need to adjust to an appreciable amount and pay.

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  • Joshi    Aug 11, 2021

    just saw your comment on forum post. Please continue to reach out to your mentees and make them aware of importance of communication. As I said in my response there, not all unpaid loans point to a fraudster and the only way lenders will know this is if they get updates from borrowers. Especially when things are not working as expected.

    I will keep an eye on your next loan and will do my best to help along. Wish you all the best.

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  • Richard Frempong    Aug 10, 2021

    Hello family, I have recieved an amount of Ghc 2760.00 after service fee deduction.
    This amount will used to purchase the items for dental hygiene for the pupils.
    I am very grateful for the support.

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  • Richard Frempong    Aug 8, 2021

    Words are not enough to express my appreciation to lenders in this family who helped fund my project.
    I will purchase these dental products and distribute them to these pupils at no cost for the pupils.
    I will post the pictures here when the distributions are done.
    Thank you.

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  • Frimpong Diana    Aug 8, 2021

    Good luck Richard, and please try to support my education if you have fund thank you

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  • Kipruto Kiptarus    Aug 7, 2021

    I wish you all the best Richard for your project of helping the school kids.

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  • Christian Golo    Aug 5, 2021

    Continue to be faithful and honest in all your dealings with high level of integrity here in Zidisha and also in your chosen field of career.
    Wishing you good luck in your fund raising.

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    • Richard Frempong    Aug 5, 2021

      Thank you very much Mr Golo.
      I take great inspiration from you as a senior fellow, considering your experience and your good standing in this community all these years.
      Thank you for your high level of integrity that help young entrepreneurs like myself and many others.

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  • Stephan    Aug 4, 2021

    Best of luck in this endeavour Richard!

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  • Lydia Sam    Aug 3, 2021

    All the best

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  • Richard Frempong    Jul 30, 2021

    I have also made an extra deposit of Ghc 175.00 voluntarily to help other entrepreneurs like my self.
    Grateful hearts to the family of lenders.

    I will put in a new proposal to buy sanitary equipments for some school pupils.

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  • Richard Frempong    Jul 30, 2021

    I have completed total payment of my loan.
    Thank you for the support

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