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December 2017

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About Me

My name is Prince Opoku Adjei. I started my childhood education Good Shepherd School. When i started school, things were not that easy for my family as they had to struggle a lot before raising some money for me to go to school. This continued for sometime and had to support myself as my education meant a lot to me. I joined a friend to my family in a small shop for selling all kinds of groceries and snacks. I did this for sometime and the money raised was used to support my education till i graduated from Junior High School. After school, things were not still easy, i had to stay with my aunt who owned a big super market as sales boy and she was offering me some some amount of money after every week

My Business

I provide goods like a tin of milo, milk, bread and a whole lot of things need for human consumption. These are useful because they are the basic daily necessity of life. Everyday, there should be something that goes into the human system for that reasons there is always a demand of something from my shop.
I chose this kind of business because it is highly demanding and profitable. I wish to use the profit gain from this to reinvest into my business so as to increase my profit margin to make a living.

Loan Proposal

Since there has and amazingly increase in the demand for many other items in my shop, I see it to be a basic necessity to stock my shop with new items that are on high demand. I will use my loan to purchase 3 cartons of tin milk which is $15.00 per carton. The sale of this product will earn me about me $5.00 on each carton and i believe it is a lucrative product.





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Classic Loan

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Feb 24, 2018

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5 weeks



United Kingdom

John Minges

United States

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Mar 31, 2018


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