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Kitwe, Zambia

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June 2021

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About Me

My name are Choolwe Bulawayo,I was born in southern province in the southern part of Zambia. I did part of my primary school in southern province and later I came to Copperbelt province. I continued with my primary school from where I ended. I managed to qualify to go to junior secondary school and let I went to senior secondary School with Copperbelt part of Zambia.

My Business

When I finished my secondary school...I could not have money to go to higher institution to learn on higher learning. I started working in mine from there the contract finished. From your there I started looking for what kind of business I will do. I started selling slippers and other materials. From there I opened my own shop. I have been running a small business. For now I want to grow my business and this will be done with your support.

Loan Proposal

When the loan is fully funded and disbursed into my MTN mobile money country, I will invest it into my business that I am doing and I will make sure that most of the on demand goods are available. This will help my business grow.

Income Source

For sure I am well aware of our current situation as a nation. This situation have caused many business to coraps. As for mean not that much worried because I have a business running. I Will use to pay back the loan using my business.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jun 26, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 weeks



Ravi Taxali

Markham, Canada


Ed Hendrickson

Ames, Iowa, United States




Jason E

United Kingdom

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Jun 29, 2021


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Jul 6, 2021 $3.95 Jun 29, 2021 $3.95
Jul 13, 2021 $3.95 Jun 29, 2021 $3.95
Jul 20, 2021 $3.95 Jun 29, 2021 $3.95
Jul 27, 2021 $3.81 Jun 29, 2021 $3.81